Sustain quality, cost, and delivery at a profit with a metal fabrication ERP.

WM Synergy’s metal fabrication ERP can help you improve your people, processes, and technology. Our purpose-built ERP system will enable you to successfully overcome industry challenges, economy-driven cyclical demand patterns, and continuously increasing customer expectations, all while managing capital requirements.

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WM Synergy really stands out in its quality, attentiveness, and competence. No other ERP vendor that I contacted has spent the time and effort with us that WM Synergy did. They delivered both strategic business consulting and an implementation plan that addresses all of our concerns. As a small business manufacturer that is looking to grow significantly in the next five years, I believe that WM Synergy will be a valuable strategic partner.

Elizabeth Keefe, Director of Operations
Howard Glass
Experience measurable performance improvement.

Our implementations are focused on successfully implementing processes and tools that drive business improvement.

average lead-time reduction
average inventory reduction
average quality cost reduction
lot trace visibility
Gain a competitive edge in your industry.
icon Purpose-Built ERP

Purpose-Built ERP

Our ERPs are purpose-built for MTO, ETO, CTO/ATO, MTS, and mixed-mode manufacturing companies. The end-to-end solutions helps manufacturers like you increase efficiency, accurately manage cost position, meet and exceed customer expectations, and accelerate growth.

icon Estimate with Confidence

Estimate with Confidence

Capture your labor, overhead, outside service, and material costs accurately and in in real time. Having complete confidence in costing enables you to quote quickly.

icon Improve Delivery Performance

Improve Delivery Performance

Our manufacturing scheduling solutions coupled with best practices will drastically improve your delivery performance. Use “what if” simulations to take proactive action.

icon Paperless Real-Time Shop Floor Data Collection

Paperless Real-Time Shop Floor Data Collection

Ensure that the status of your job, schedule, and costs are accurate by collecting labor and material in real time.

icon The Right Materials at the Right Time

The Right Materials at the Right Time

Material and outside service planning ensures you don’t have costly shortages or too much of the wrong parts in stock.

Our industry expertise will guide your <span>business transformation.</span>

Our industry expertise will guide your business transformation.

The primary driver of WM Synergy’s approach is aimed at increasing the number of value-added activities by applying the “right” principles, best practices, and software to any office or shop floor process in order to improve the organization’s overall business performance. Ultimately, it is your people, processes, and technology that give you a competitive edge.

Let us help you <span>become more efficient and profitable.</span>

Let us help you become more efficient and profitable.

The traditional people-driven, batch manufacturing that depended on tribal knowledge, off-line scheduling schemes, and detached supply chains are quickly being replaced. A look at today’s smart manufacturing shop floor shows companies going lean, establishing process-driven signals, and working to deploy an interconnected system of machines, inspection equipment, and business tools (ERP, QMS, CAD, CAM, CRM, etc.) to overcome workforce shortages and real or perceived capacity constraints.

Why WM Synergy?

For companies that are serious about improving business performance and have the resolve to take the necessary action to do so, WM Synergy’s Professional Services Team offers a hands-on approach to measurable and sustainable performance improvement.

icon Industry Best Practices

Industry Best Practices

WM Synergy industry experts leverage a vast amount of industry experience and knowledge to help you establish best practices throughout your operation and drive performance improvement.

icon Software Optimization

Software Optimization

Although many enterprise software systems may have a wide breadth of modular functionality to address the common challenges of glass, plastic, and metal fabrication, WM Synergy’s Applications Specialists know how to apply the right features and functions to improve your processes.

icon Measurable Improvement

Measurable Improvement

Our business and technical assessments, training programs, and workshops deliver business performance improvement that is in line with your industry and overall business strategy.

icon Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Our Continuous Improvement Team delivers dramatic results with their Kaizen events and provides you with the education needed to sustain and continue on your own.