Improving Inventory Management with Hexagon EAM’s Smart Algorithms

Hexagon EAM’s Smart Algorithms enhance inventory management by leveraging advanced technology to address common challenges and optimize operations.

Key Challenges in Traditional Inventory Management:

  • Stockouts cause maintenance delays and downtime.
  • Overstocking ties up capital and space.
  • Demand variability complicates stock level maintenance.
  • Human error in manual tracking and forecasting.

Hexagon EAM’s Smart Algorithms Solutions:

  • Predictive analytics for accurate demand forecasting.
  • Real-time inventory tracking for up-to-date stock information.
  • Automated reordering to prevent stockouts.
  • Inventory optimization balancing costs and availability.
  • Supplier integration for efficient replenishment.
  • Maintenance-centric planning aligning inventory with maintenance schedules.


  • Reduced downtime
  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Improved decision-making
  • Increased responsiveness


Hexagon EAM’s smart algorithms ensure that maintenance technicians always have the necessary tools and parts, preventing stockouts and enhancing operational efficiency.