Manufacturings Competitive Needs and ERP Flexibility

How to find manufacturing business software that’s flexible enough for the job
This whitepaper explains how the right software can support your agility against larger competitors

Small and midsized manufacturers have an advantage against larger companies: their flexibility. If you find that your company can change processes, manufacturing techniques, product designs, and production volume more quickly than many of your rivals, don’t lose that competitive advantage.

Instead, find manufacturing business software that gives you the same advanced functionality the “big guys” are using without the cost and complexity. Find out how in this whitepaper from Acumatica.

“Broad functionality and the flexibility to adapt to changing needs are the hallmarks of the best ERP for SMB manufacturers. The system should have a proven track record in your industry, of course, but should also be in productive use in other industries to demonstrate that flexibility.”

In “Manufacturing’s Competitive Needs and ERP Flexibility,” you’ll learn:

  • Why simple point solutions are no longer enough for SMB manufacturers.
  • How manufacturing volume can affect your ERP needs.
  • How discrete vs. process manufacturing should factor into your purchase decision.
  • The most essential ERP features for your long-term growth.
  • Where manufacturers can find the most helpful cloud ERP resources online.

This whitepaper will help you strip away the noise and focus on what’s really important in manufacturing business software. Download it now to learn more.

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