System Health Check

Is Your Database Server at Peak Performance?

Periodically checking the health of your database server is crucial to maintaining your ERP system. Synergy’s System Health Check service will help to identify issues so they can proactively be addressed to avoid a potential system down situation. Our service offering can be purchased as a one-time check, or more often customers prefer to purchase a monthly or quarterly subscription.

The System Health Check includes the following services:
  • Check VISUAL and SQL version
  • SQL settings check for best practices
  • Check maintenance plans
  • Check auto-clones
  • Check Windows health (event viewer drive space, etc.)
  • Alerts for failures via email (implement if not already implemented)
  • Database analysis report
  • User connectivity report
  • Compare performance results from previous check
  • Identify changes and provide recommendations

Don’t risk a potential system down!
Let our experts take care of the overall health of your database server for you, so you can focus on taking care of your business!

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