The Advantages of Mobile Functionality in Asset Management: Enhancing Efficiency with Hexagon EAM’s Mobile Apps

In today’s digital world, effective asset management is essential for operational efficiency, reducing downtime, and maximizing productivity. Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is pioneering mobile functionality in asset management, offering robust mobile apps that enhance operations.

Benefits of Hexagon EAM’s Mobile Apps:

Real-Time Work Order Updates:
  • Immediate data entry reduces errors.
  • Enhanced communication for better coordination.
  • Faster response times.
Efficient Inventory Management:
  • Accurate inventory tracking.
  • Streamlined reordering processes.
  • Improved cost management.
Enhanced Field Operations:
  • Access to detailed asset data.
  • Task prioritization based on various factors.
  • GPS integration for better route planning.


Mobile technology in asset management, like Hexagon EAM, is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and reducing downtime, ensuring organizations meet today’s operational demands.