Warehouse Optimization

Streamlining Warehouse Operations with Lean - Six Sigma

To stay competitive companies are looking for solutions that will positively impact the bottom line. Implementing new Lean – Six Sigma strategies for warehousing and distribution will not only improve your current process, but they can give you an edge over your competition. Today’s warehouse directly shapes the experience customers have with your company.

  • Are products customers need in stock?
  • Are the products protected from damage?
  • Can they be easily located, packaged, and shipped? Same day?
  • Does the customer’s product arrive undamaged, with an accurate invoice and documentation?
  • Are customers getting what they ordered, when and where they need it?
  • Do you have too many products in stock?
  • Are the quantities and values accurate?

The bottom line is that your warehouse is on the critical path to your customer, and the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your operation will greatly impact your company’s overall profitability. Learn how Synergy can help.

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