Struggling with Production Scheduling? There is a Better Way.

Protected Flow Manufacturing (PFM) offers a flexible, adaptable platform for production scheduling that integrates with your existing ERP system. PFM is built on the premise that in most manufacturing companies, things will inevitably change, – whether that’s a customer request for early delivery, delayed receipt of incoming materials, or a machine that’s down for a day or two.

Watch our collection of short videos that explore the fundamental challenges of production scheduling and describe how our Protected Flow Manufacturing (PFM) solution addresses these challenges in a fundamentally new and different way. 

Challenges of Production Scheduling

This video provides a brief overview of the problem. Why doesn’t the traditional method of production scheduling work? What are the advantages of a new approach, and how does PFM address that?

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Controlling WIP

This video explores the question of whether it makes sense to get orders into the production queue as soon as possible. It sounds like a good idea, but is it really the most efficient way of doing things? By aligning production schedules with available resources and priorities, PFM helps shop floor managers to identify what needs to be done, and in what order, to maximize overall efficiency.

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Work Order Status Board

This video shows how PFM can provide you with real-time visibility to materials availability, throughout the entire BoM structure, including subassemblies. PFM’s Work Order Status Board helps managers to quickly and easily identify potential gaps and make the necessary adjustments so that production stays on track.

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Shop Floor Visibility

This video explores how PFM shows you where your jobs are in the production process and how much time is left to complete them for your customers. That gives you accurate answers to important questions about timing of deliveries and the feasibility of expediting orders for your customers.

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Game Plans

This video shows you what your available production capacity looks like, and which constraints are bottlenecks could affect the timing of or orders. That allows you to plan now for machine constraints or human resources capacity constraints so that product gets delivered on time.

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The Facts About Our Scheduling Software
decrease in lead time from 16 to 3 weeks
3 Weeks
average time it takes to set up and implement PFM
decrease in backlog after a few weeks

How Can PFM Help Your Business?

Check out our on-demand demo to learn how Protected Flow Manufacturing can help you revolutionize your production scheduling.

But first, does the scenario in the below video sound familiar to you?


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Why our customers refer us.
Video Poster

The results were immediate. We went from four weeks late to three weeks late to two weeks late to one week late. And now, I can look out one month and see that we’re going to be one day, two days late on this job, but on time for that job.

Val Zanchuk, President
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We don’t "kick" all of the jobs to the shop floor at once like we used to. Putting too many jobs onto the shop floor prematurely burns up machine time. You utilize capacity before it needs to be used by putting all the jobs out on the shop floor at once.

Jeff Cederstrom, President
Arch Global Precision
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In the first couple months using PFM, our concentration was to just get rid of the backlog of late orders. Now, since February 2018, we’ve run four months in a row where we’ve been 90% or better on time with all of the orders coming through the door. That’s a dramatic turnaround!

Rory Lee, Business Development Manager
Saturn Industries

Are You Ready to Overcome the Usual Production Scheduling Obstacles?

Protected Flow Manufacturing (PFM) is here to help. With a revolutionary feature set including predictive analytics, dynamic capacity management, and real-time shop floor execution and reporting, PFM makes it easy to anticipate and plan for variability, ensuring that deadlines are consistently met and that customer commitments are kept.

icon Real Time Shop Floor Execution

Real Time Shop Floor Execution

PFM’s foundation is its ability to prioritize work in real time rather then require you to run and re-run a schedule. This puts the latest, most accurate information into the hands of the people that need it. Job assignments are understood, trusted, and done in the right priority.

icon Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Traditional scheduling solutions “assign” future capacity to jobs and then need to be re-run over and over as unplanned events happen. PFM instead “simulates” the use of your capacity and shows you what jobs are predicted to have problems and at what resources these problems may occur at. This gives you a clear picture of the future, which enables you to implement an action plan in order to deliver jobs on time.

icon Protective Time Buffers

Protective Time Buffers

PFM plans for unknown problems that can disrupt a static schedule. It does so by protecting the job with a time buffer that can be calculated based on a ration of actual time to buffer time and the sum of different size buffers based on the operations required

Ready to Revolutionize Your Production Scheduling?

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