We are committed to cultivating a great workplace and reinforcing employee value.

We do so through our meaningful work, our culture of empowerment and respect, and by providing opportunities to build long-term relationships — all centered upon our company’s core values. As we expand, we are looking for skilled and passionate people to drive our mission forward; to help manufacturers and distributors realize their powerful potential through continuous improvement, relentless resourcefulness, and collaborative ingenuity that recognizes no limits.

Interested in joining our team?

Interested in joining our team?

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We’re always looking to add highly skilled people who are passionate about helping manufacturers exceed their goals to our award-winning team. If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you.
Why do I love working at WM Synergy?

I love working with professionals that I learn from and push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. I am treated with respect, given daily encouragement, and we as a team have a passion for manufacturing and helping our customers realize their full potential. WM Synergy is a family and we all work together for a common goal, this is my forever home.

Dawn Fludder, Business Solutions Account Manager
Since 2015

A service organization is defined by the caliber of people that work there, and I am proud to say that WM Synergy has some of the best people around. I have worked here for eight years and I am still impressed by how much I continue to learn each day from both my colleagues and our customers. Manufacturing is a wonderful and challenging space to work in, and I find it very rewarding to bring value to our customers by helping them solve problems with our collective knowledge, experience, and creative solutions.

Katie Farrand, Continuous Improvement Manager
Since 2012
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Since my first day at WM Synergy, I have found the company to be one that centers around a culture of respect and encouragement.  WM Synergy fosters an environment of mutual respect, creativity, and a desire to never stop learning and improving.  From the top down, the organization has supported my ability to forge my own career path within the organization that not only fits the company’s needs, but mine as well professionally.

Alex Campo, Customer Care Lead
Since 2014
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Working at WM Synergy is like working with family.  I love that we are a tight-knit group that holds each other accountable when need be.  As a software engineer, I have all the support I need to help me through all challenges as well as the leeway to learn new technologies when need be.

Karl Mauzoul, Product Development Specialist
Since 2011
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I am proud to be a part of the professional team at WM Synergy for many reasons – topping the list is that this is a company with heart – WM Synergy truly cares about their employees and customers. Every day brings opportunities to grow and learn - either from projects that challenge and stretch my skills, or knowledge and experiences shared by team members, or learning about new products and tools to work with.  Another reason for my high level of job satisfaction is that I work with a team that is cooperative, collaborative, encouraging - that make me feel highly valued.

Merri Hoffman, Presales Consultant
Since 2018
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I enjoy saying I work at WM Synergy; it’s a valued name in the ERP world.  Before I started at WM Synergy, I knew they had associates that were very knowledgeable about the software and manufacturing. The current direction of the company shows the leaders are not content just selling software; WM Synergy’s goal of being partners with their customers is an easy selling point for me. Not working in an office environment can make it challenging to engage with your co-workers, but WM Synergy does a great job of internal communication. I can tell my colleagues like to have fun at work.

Peter Boers, Technical Services Specialist
Since 2014
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My colleagues and I share a passion for manufacturing excellence; helping North American manufacturers improve their business performance is immensely rewarding.  It’s a privilege to work with a team of individuals at WM Synergy who consistently deliver thoughtful solutions to address our client’s complex business requirements.

Robert Anand, Senior Account Executive
Since 2010
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WM Synergy is a great employer: it feels as intimate as a small company, but with over 150 consultants in diverse areas and experiences, is at the same time super supportive, professionally and personally. Work is challenging and rewarding - if you are up for meeting new people and solving new problems every few months. I enjoy the balance of independent, creative work combined with team effort to help manufacturing companies implement ERP, streamline their processes, and grow.

Tania St. George, Financial Applications Specialist
Since 2009

10 Top Reasons to Work at WM Synergy

  1. Great People

  2. Benefits

  3. Matching Retirement Plans

  4. Merit-Based Bonuses

  5. Paid Time Off

  6. Opportunities to Shine

  7. Creativity & a Voice

  8. Team Collaboration

  9. Training

  10. A Fun & Rewarding Career

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