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Right Part in the Right Amount — always!

To gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace, manufacturing and distribution companies need to have an efficient and effective inventory management strategy. When left without a defined approach, inventory can quickly change from a company asset to a growing liability.

icon Inventory Drivers

Inventory Drivers

Understanding all the processes and business systems that go into driving your inventory levels is the first step in evaluating if you have a healthy inventory management program.

icon Setting Replenishment Levels

Setting Replenishment Levels

When set properly, replenishment levels will give you the buffer you need to protect you from variability without leading to excess inventory. The right formula and a regular review will lead to improved inventory turns.

icon Kanban Deployment

Kanban Deployment

Understanding the benefits of deploying your inventory at point of use through a Kanban system, and how to align your business systems with this approach, is part of an efficient operations strategy.

icon Identify Slow Moving Inventory

Identify Slow Moving Inventory

Determining what inventory has been sitting on the shelf for too long and what you may have in excess is a key component of improving your inventory stance.

Customer Stories
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Since going live, we have seen significant reduction in inventory while increasing throughput as a result of better utilization of our resources.

Jim Adams, Controller