Clients have depended on us to take on their IT requirements since 1999

As a pioneer in hosting mission critical systems, Apptrix, a wholly owned subsidiary of WM Synergy, has been offering expertise in Managed Application Hosting of the Infor ERP suite of products since 1999. Our expertise drives sustainable quality and performance with an optimal physical IT environment with a range of services that can be rapidly deployed to support changing business conditions. Resources in our state-of-the art data center are consistently maintained at the current level of technology, and our data center is connected to all major global communication backbones—ensuring reliable and quick delivery to your users.

Data Center and Services

Our Tier III data centers, located in Houston and Atlanta, house multiple Fortune 500 companies and are built to operate in the most unpredictable conditions. These mission critical environments have maintained consistent uptime of 99.9% since constructed in 1983, despite numerous catastrophic weather events.

By partnering with Apptrix, companies receive all the benefits of a highly secure 24/7 data center without all the high capital costs.

Apptrix manages Infor ERP solutions and supporting applications every day. From the data center, networking, installation, configuration, monitoring, backups, refreshing of environments, patching and performance, Apptrix takes care of your IT needs for the applications that are critical to your business success. This service is provided by experienced staff using proprietary monitoring tools and applications.

Apptrix, by default, provides environments that have an extremely high level of availability and an exceptional history with the standard offering of Managed Application Hosting. In addition to highly available and redundant data center protection, network, servers, storage resources and DR Apptrix normally offers, we also offer an enhanced/expedited disaster recovery.

Single Tenant/Private SaaS

For those customers that want the convenience of having their Enterprise Software deployed as a Service while maintaining the ability to personalize it to their business WM Synergy now offers Private SaaS, a subscription deployment option for Infor ERP applications. Rather than purchasing software to install themselves and hardware to support it, our Private Software-as-a-Service is offered at a reasonable, predictable, low monthly rate for improved ROI. Software upgrades and patches are applied at the customer’s request at no additional cost. This option also allows uses to access features on-demand from any internet-enabled device or location.

Our Private SaaS software solution is proactively monitored 24 x 7 x 365 to prevent network, server, workstation and laptop problems before they occur. We ensure that your system is up when you need it, tuned for optimum performance, and secured from vulnerabilities. We take on the task of ensuring hardware, networks, operating systems, and applications are optimized, up-to-date, secure, backed-up and available – allowing you to focus on other critical business issues and initiatives.

For a Fixed, Predictable Monthly Fee

We provide and maintain servers, server operating systems, SQL databases, and your company’s data. You have the option for:

icon Hosted


-License the software from Infor, one-time fee with annual maintenance

-WM Synergy to host the application in our Data Center for a low monthly fee

icon Single Tenant/Private SaaS

Single Tenant/Private SaaS

-WM Synergy will license the application from Infor on your behalf

-One low monthly fee for software and hosted services in the Cloud

Both options deliver improved return on investment by reducing your hardware, server maintenance, employee training and administrative costs.

Interested in having Apptrix provide the data center, servers, operating and SQL server licenses, security, change control, and application management? Please visit Apptrix at