End-to-End Solutions for Remanufacturing

The Remanufacturing industry has unique needs when it comes to finding a complete software package that handles all the disciplines their operations require. From Reverse Bills of Material to Core Banking to Serialized Component Tracking, standard Enterprise Manufacturing software just does not cover all the functionality needed to maintain a tight, consistent execution across the entire process. After years of development, WM Synergy now offers a complete package to cover everything throughout the reman process from start to finish.

With our Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP, you have a modern software solution that helps you more seamlessly integrate with partners and provide the high level of customer service your clients deserve. You’ll be able to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing processes to get your products to market quickly and increase sales, while controlling costs.

Our integrated Remanufacturing Suite is a comprehensive solution that helps you meet industry standards, reduce engineering time and costs, lower inventory, and decrease obsolescence, while improving manufacturing and supply chain efficiency.

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Over the period of the entire cooperation, our costs have been significantly reduced and processes in the company have been simplified. We are very satisfied with the Infor solutions overall.

Uwe Breuer, General Manager & CFO
Remanufacturing Key Business Challenges
icon Management of Remanufactured Parts

Management of Remanufactured Parts

Ability to setup reverse BOMs, material usage by percentage and tracking the sales and usage along with equivalencies for forecasting purposes.

icon Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI is a major challenge for all Remanufacturers. In addition to standard transaction sets, automation of inventory visibility with Customer and Suppliers is mandatory.

icon Remanufacture Pricing

Remanufacture Pricing

Flexible pricing of quotes and orders by Customer/Customer Groups and Item/Item Groups, price versus multipliers and core incentives and deposits.

icon Core Management

Core Management

Management of core part numbers, pricing and deposits, return expectancy and the state of the core inventory is a never-ending battle.

Remanufacturing Requirements Addressed by Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

  • Engineering Design Management: New versus used, planning and execution based upon replacement %, alternatives, options and equivalents, scrap factors
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Define items & tooling along with integrated “Bill of Manufacturing” to define material requirements and operational routing steps though multiple levels
  • Product Configuration: Streamline the creation of routing and BOMs through rules that are based on the repairs required
  • Remanufacturing Distribution Network Management: Getting the right Inventory in the right place at the right time and global planning across multiple re-manufacturing sites and distribution warehouses
  • Remanufacturing Pricing: By customer / customer group or item / item group as well as finished good product, core, freight, warranty, discounts, quantity breaks, markups
  • Sales and Marketing: Remanufacturing quoting and order management – core, warranty, freight, discounts and other charge automation
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): After-market specific standards
  • Engineering Change Management: Control and track revisions made to a Bill of Material or to the routing of an item
  • Customer Relationship Management: Provides an efficient method for managing the entire sales process from leads to opportunities to sales forecasting
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting: Powerful solution that synchronizes the use of inventory, resources capacity, and supply with customer orders and product forecasts.
  • Supply Chain Management: Managing the balance between supply and demand for planning of purchased and manufactured materials
  • Production Scheduling: Optimizes production plan by calculating start and end dates/times by operation steps of job orders for overall production efficiencies
  • Shop Floor Control: Time clock in and out, labor collection, movement between operations, movement into finished goods inventory and supervisor approval of times
  • Service Management: Management of unit configurations, service orders, extended warranties, service/rental contracts, call center support and technician dispatching
  • Remanufacturing Core Return Management: Remanufacturing RMA new return and warranty return management
  • Quality Management: Supports quality activities related to receiving, manufacturing, shipping, and returns along with MRB and CAR processing
  • Financial Management: Integrated set of financials from Invoicing to cash application, vouchering to vendor payments, chart of accounts to financial reporting & F/A tracking
  • Business Intelligence: Financial and operational reporting and analysis, dashboards, metrics and role-based analytics

A complete ERP application packaged specifically for the Remanufacturing industry

<span>Managment of your manufactured parts</span>

Managment of your manufactured parts

  • Track new and reman parts with usage variation, alternative materials and options and equivalents
  •  Handle reverse bills of material and disassembly recovery tracking/kitting
  •  Material and labor usage collected during execution of the reman process along with quality control measurements
  •  Labeling and serialization at teardown and packaging
<span>Core management</span>

Core management

  • Manage core part numbering
  •  Automation of order line creation for core charge pricing and deposit rules
  • Expected corerReturns and management of core inventory and credits / reimbursements to customers
  • Core inventory visibility along with state of inventory
<span>Demand management</span>

Demand management

  • Forecast by item, by customer and by warehouse
  • Target quantities by item along with sales and usage history
  • Provide capable to promise dates at order/quoting process
  • Drill down on planning detail
<span>Specialized pricing</span>

Specialized pricing

  • Core charges
  • Add on products such as fluids
  • Specialized customer and channel discounting
  • Freight charges
  • Warranty options
  • Marketing allowances
<span>Automated customer transactions</span>

Automated customer transactions

  • EDI for order handling built in
  • Inventory sharing capabilities with customers
  • Core supplier inventory visibility
  • Interfaces to corporate tax systems, ERP systems and credit card systems
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Software Optimization

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