Production Planning Software

Master on-time delivery with next-generation manufacturing production planning software. Manufacturing scheduling in high-mix environments has been a challenge for decades. The complexity of managing so many different processes means a production schedule is outdated almost as soon as it’s created. Transitioning to real-time prioritization with Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) transforms production planning from guesswork into a highly flexible, accurate, and actionable system that solves the late problem for good.

icon Eliminate Scheduling in Excel

Eliminate Scheduling in Excel

Many Production and Materials Planning leaders give up on traditional production scheduling software and go back to using Excel and whiteboards to manage information. With PFM™, you will have a software solution that provides real-time visibility into every work order and automatic prioritization to keep jobs on track for OTD.

icon Keep Due Date Promises

Keep Due Date Promises

PFM™ ends the cycle of hot jobs and helps manufacturing organizations reach 90-100% on-time delivery. As manufacturing productivity increases, you can shorten lead times, ship more product, and outpace your competitors.

icon Predict the Best Game Plan

Predict the Best Game Plan

Enjoy unmatched visibility across all jobs and the ability to design the best production plan. With the predictive analytics available in PFM™, you can experiment with “what if” scenarios to see how each variable from materials availability to machine utilization impacts your production schedule.

icon Integrate with Any Manufacturing ERP

Integrate with Any Manufacturing ERP

PFM can be deployed as a complete ERP system, or integrated with your existing ERP platform for real-time production and materials management.

Move Beyond Traditional Production Scheduling in Manufacturing

High-mix manufacturing environments have struggled for decades with production scheduling. Production leaders have gone from whiteboards and Excel spreadsheets to ERP and MRP software and back again. The problem is that schedules are out of date almost as soon as they are created. In addition, the traditional approach of working on what’s due first instead of what has the highest risk of being late is keeping manufacturers in an endless cycle of hot jobs. Our whitepaper, “Solve the Late Problem with the Next Evolution Beyond Traditional Scheduling”, offers a new way to approach scheduling.
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<span>We understand </span>your challenges

We understand your challenges

Competing in manufacturing today requires constant innovation from how you design your products to the way they are delivered to your customer’s loading dock, and everything in between. At its core, innovation is understanding how to look at a problem, find the resources to solve it, and end up with a better way to go forward.  Explore the common problems we help our customers deal with and the results we can help you achieve.