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Make quality your competitive advantage.

A Quality Management System (QMS) designed for manufacturers and distributors gives your company the framework needed to monitor and improve performance in all areas. With proper development, management, and attention, it can lead to higher profits by reducing costs related to scrap, rework, returns, waste in processes and more.

icon Support Compliance Initiatives

Support Compliance Initiatives

Our team of experienced consultants will help you navigate through the complicated standards to ensure your CMMC, FDA and ISO programs remain compliant. And when required, we are there to help you implement programs.

icon Meet Customer Requirements

Meet Customer Requirements

Having years of industry experience has enabled WM Synergy to understand how different businesses could meet its customers’ requirements. When needed, the assistance of our qualified professionals can help your business meet its goals quickly.

icon Examine and Reengineer Company Processes

Examine and Reengineer Company Processes

Are the existing company processes working properly? Our efficiency experts will evaluate all  processes to determine their efficiency. If the consultant comes across any potential nonconformities, they may ask you to restructure the processes to ensure they stay aligned with your quality system requirements.

icon Maintain a Better Work Culture

Maintain a Better Work Culture

Our consultants always appraise management and employee engagement during consultations. In order to build a better work environment, communication between management and employees is important, therefore, the consultant will always try to facilitate the interaction between these two groups, for an improved overall work culture.

icon Reduce Waste and Save Money

Reduce Waste and Save Money

Our consultants are Lean practitioners that will help your business reduce waste and save money without compromising other aspects of your business. This in turn will assist in increasing quality, productivity, and profitability.

Customer Stories
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Our inspection data entry is 200% faster. We spend much less time on documentation and all other quality processes take 33% less time.

Joe Lendway, Quality Assurance Manager
Top Tool Company
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The Strategic Business Services division held an 8D Problem Solving Workshop at our facility. The workshop provided training and part of the session included breaking into teams and working on real problems in our company. The 8D program presented at the workshop contributed to immediate improvement in our problem-solving activity, helping to lower cost and reduce lead-times.

David Ryti, Director of Quality
Omni Components