Minimize downtime and reduce costs with smart asset management for manufacturing

Discover how Hexagon EAM, utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, provides real-time analysis for data-driven decision-making, thus forming an integral part of your capital expenditure strategies. As the world’s leading Enterprise Asset Management system, Hexagon EAM, previously known as Infor EAM, is a comprehensive web-architected application that not only offers real-time analysis to maximize the efficacy of your maintenance program but also turns it into a strategic asset, leading to heightened production and improved efficiency ratings!

Offering the flexibility of deployment either on your server or in the Cloud, HxGN EAM delivers a complete package for maintaining your equipment at peak performance. The benefits include increased production uptime, extended asset life, less maintenance overtime, and complete tracking of asset location.

HxGN EAM places the health and life of your repairable equipment at the forefront. It is the difference between a business that merely survives, and one that truly thrives. The robust tools and diverse suite of features ensure a comprehensive solution for your enterprise, ready to adapt to your specific business needs.

icon Asset Lifecycle Tracking

Asset Lifecycle Tracking

Hexagon EAM’s asset lifecycle tracking employs sophisticated data management and visualization tools to keep a comprehensive record of your asset’s lifecycle. From acquisition to obsolescence, it records updates, lifecycle status changes, and planned or unplanned work orders.

icon Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Utilizing advanced data analysis and machine learning, Hexagon EAM’s predictive maintenance feature allows you to anticipate potential equipment failures. Schedule regular maintenance activities and auto-generate preventive and planned maintenance work orders based on data trends and predictive models, thereby reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

icon MRO Inventory Management

MRO Inventory Management

Hexagon EAM incorporates smart inventory management algorithms that handle receiving, issue tracking, and event counting, generating restock orders when inventory levels fall below set minimums, ensuring your maintenance technicians always have the necessary tools and parts.

Boost efficiency with Hexagon's transformational benefits
icon Optimize Operational Efficiency

Optimize Operational Efficiency

Experience streamlined operations and eliminate unnecessary overtime with Hexagon EAM. Its advanced predictive analytics and machine learning techniques enable efficient maintenance scheduling, optimizing workflow, and overall efficiency.

icon Extend Asset Lifespan

Extend Asset Lifespan

Improve your ROI by extending the life of your assets. Hexagon EAM’s complete lifecycle tracking enables proper maintenance scheduling and tracking, ensuring long-term asset health.

icon Prioritize Safety

Prioritize Safety

Enhance your workplace safety standards with Hexagon EAM’s comprehensive safety management tools. Stay compliant and prevent accidents with timely safety notifications and equipment-specific safety instructions.

icon Streamline Inventory Management

Streamline Inventory Management

Hexagon EAM’s robust inventory management system ensures your technicians always have the necessary tools and parts. Say goodbye to stockouts and inefficiencies.

icon Enable Mobile Functionality

Enable Mobile Functionality

Hexagon EAM’s mobile apps allow real-time work order issuance and tracking. Enjoy efficient, paper-free operations with updated records, and a built-in barcode scanner for simplified inventory management.

icon Integrate Software Easily

Integrate Software Easily

Enjoy effortless integration with your other enterprise systems. Hexagon EAM provides a unified platform for your ERP, HR, SCADA, and other enterprise tools, ensuring easy data synchronization and simplified operations.

Why Our Customers Refer Us
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An extensive selection process took place – but Hexagon’s solution was ultimately the one with the most potential. Decisive factors in favor of Hexagon included the system’s web capability, a high level of adaptability, flexibility and its ease of use.

Jonas Gerspacher, Project Manager
Stadler Rail
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Configuration was simple and complex at the same time. We went through a few iterations to get things right, and today we see the huge benefit of what we have done. HxGN EAM has become the backbone of our integrated systems and gives us an agile structure.

Terrence Panchoo, IT Manager
DeNovo Energy Limited
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HxGN EAM helps us monitor and oversee the deployment, performance and upkeep of more than 150,000 fixed and dynamic assets. This best-in-class solution has been instrumental in helping us prevent unforeseen operational issues, increase asset uptime and lower our overall expenses.

Nitin Patil, General Manager
Godrej Precision Engineering
Experience measurable improvements with Hexagon EAM
Reduction in production downtime
Reduction in inventory levels
Improvement in labor productivity

Elevate your asset management with Hexagon EAM's transformative features

<span>Comprehensive</span> Asset Lifecycle Tracking

Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Tracking

Track and manage every stage of your asset’s lifecycle. From repairs to status changes, relocations, and condition-based maintenance programming, Hexagon EAM gives you full control and visibility.

<span>Advanced </span> Maintenance Tools

Advanced Maintenance Tools

Prevent equipment failures and costly downtime with our advanced planned and predictive maintenance tools. Automate work orders, track monitored conditions, and organize everything with graphic calendars.

<span>Streamlined</span> MRO Inventory Management

Streamlined MRO Inventory Management

Manage your inventory like never before. Hexagon EAM’s MRO inventory management feature employs smart algorithms that handle receiving, issue tracking, and event counting, and generate restock orders when inventory levels fall below pre-set thresholds.

 <span>Enhanced </span>Equipment Safety Management

Enhanced Equipment Safety Management

Ensure equipment safety with tailored procedures like Lock-out Tag-out (LOTO) and Confined Space Permitting. Stay updated with automatic safety notifications, improve readiness for safety audits, and manage overhead barrier and hot work situations.

<span>Seamless</span> EAM Mobility

Seamless EAM Mobility

Work efficiently and autonomously with mobile apps. Access real-time work order updates, issue parts, scan barcodes, view equipment histories, and manage inventory right from your fingertips.

Designed for your Industry.
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Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace, defense, space and security (A&D) industries are major contributors to our economy. They thrive if supported by scalable, industry specific applications. Synergy Resources’ applications and modules aid scientific and engineering talent in cutting-edge A&D industries. Synergy Resources helps you meet your goals faster-even while confronting escalating costs and market complexity.
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  • Engineering with CAD integration
  • Engineering change control
  • Specifications and data "flow down" for ITAR, DFAR, etc.
  • Actual job costing
  • Project Management with Earned Value Management and milestone reporting
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Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

As a manufacturer in the specialty vehicle industry, such as boats or emergency vehicles, you need a solution that can quickly respond to unique product configurations and accurately budget and manage actual costs associated with these jobs or projects. Infor ERP is it!
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  • Configuration management
  • Serial and lot control
  • Design and engineering
  • Capacity planning & scheduling (Lean, TOC, JIT)
  • Actual costing
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Electronics & High-Tech

Electronics & High-Tech

As a high tech or electronic manufacturer, you need control over component and finished goods inventory at the revision and tracking number level to efficiently and effectively service customers. Infor VISUAL ERP delivers the supply chain visibility to meet these demands and also offers comprehensive material and capacity planning functionality, which maximizes productivity.
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  • Alternate item on bill of materials (BOM)
  • Item cross reference (supplier and manufacturer)
  • Approved vendors and manufacturer lists
  • Supply chain visibility with Web based portals
  • Reference designators
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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Synergy has a track record of implementing the right software, deploying efficient business processes, and developing the right metrics. This provides you with the insight and visibility you need into business operations and drives desired behaviors.
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Optimize People, Processes, & Technology.
  • Strengthen Your Supply Chain
  • Sophisticated Project Management
  • Connect Service Efforts to Operations
  • Localization & Financial Accounting Visibility
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Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

If you're like most of our equipment manufacturer customers, you compete by selling a complete solution that includes aftermarket services, countless configuration options, and available spare parts. Our solutions have a broad set of capabilities to meet your unique challenges. You'll have the control and visibility you need throughout the entire product lifecycle.
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Gain a competitive edge and extend your aftermarket offerings.
  • Win More Business
  • Meet Customer Delivery Expectations
  • Increase Velocity of Spare Part Sales
  • Collaborate With Suppliers & Customers
  • Leave Your Competitors Behind
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Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

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  • End-to-end customer relationship, sales, purchasing, performance, and financial management
  • Estimating with multiple quantity breaks
  • Integrated capacity planning (Lean, TOC, JIT) with unlimited "what-if" scenarios
  • Material planning with real-time visibility of demand and supply
  • Cost control (actual, average, standard)
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Metal, Glass, & Plastic Fabrication

Metal, Glass, & Plastic Fabrication

Our ERPs are purpose-built for MTO, ETO, CTO/ATO, MTS, and mixed-mode manufacturing companies. The end-to-end solutions helps manufacturers like you increase efficiency, accurately manage cost position, meet and exceed customer expectations, and accelerate growth.
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  • Purpose-Built ERP
  • Estimate with Confidence
  • Improve Delivery Performance
  • Paperless Real-Time Shop Floor Data Collection
  • The Right Materials at the Right Time
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Field Service, Maintenance & Repair

Field Service, Maintenance & Repair

Revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and strategic goals around competitive differentiation are requiring field service and MRO organizations to rapidly transform. Manufacturing companies that once outsourced field service are seeing the growth and profit potential of an "insourced" aftermarket service team. Staying competitive with solutions that allow you to track costs, improve inventory availability, and take advantage of digital technologies such as IIoT, GPS, and predictive AI is not only advantageous, but necessary.
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  • Improve Customer Satisfaction & First Time Fix Rate
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Optimize Routing of Field Service Techs
  • Support for Depot Repair, Break-Fix & More
  • Offer Managed Service Contracts
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Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing

As a food, beverage, chemical, or life science manufacturer, you have specific requirements when it comes to your manufacturing operations. Infor CloudSuite Process makes it easy to adjust formulas based on exacting manufacturing specifications and to monitor and respond to the evolving regulatory environment.
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  • Flexible Formula Management
  • Stay On Top of Quality Requirements & Regulations
  • Build a Better Batch
  • Lot Recall
  • Process Workbench