Meet today's energy industry challenges head on!

Many of our customers manufacture and service equipment, machinery, and tools for the energy industry throughout the United States and Canada. Highly volatile prices, rising global demand, and stringent regulations mean the oil and gas industry, as well as its entire supply chain, face a number of major operational challenges. We can help.

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I don’t trust any information that is two hours old. We need real-time information in one platform to make a good business decision, and Infor and Synergy provides that ability.

Luke Rains, System Development Director, Preferred Sands
Preferred Sands
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Using integrated ERP Scheduling, UPCO, Inc. reduced manufacturing lead time by 50% and has been able to take on 35% more business.

Bill Ridenour, President
UPCO, Inc.
Remove roadblocks to growth and profitability.
increased productivity
lead-time reduction
improved employee productivity (FTE cost)
Solve tomorrow's challenges today.
icon Optimize People, Processes, & Technology.

Optimize People, Processes, & Technology.

WM Synergy has a track record of implementing the right software, deploying efficient business processes, and developing the right metrics. This provides you with the insight and visibility you need into business operations and drives desired behaviors.

icon Sophisticated Project Management

Sophisticated Project Management

The ability to manage customer or internal projects with multi-tiered tasks is important in large energy projects. Track all costs, receipts of customer specs, and schedule the project to on-time completion.

icon Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Strengthen Your Supply Chain

We’ll help you maximize supply chain efficiencies by ensuring you can respond quickly to the exact material needs of customers, protect yourself from problems with suppliers, and buffer operations from demand and supply uncertainty.

icon Connect Service Efforts to Operations

Connect Service Efforts to Operations

Your oil and gas customers expect you to provide specialized services. We’ve found that services are far more effective when product solutions are used that enable the sharing of detailed planning and service information with workers in the field.

icon Localization & Financial Accounting Visibility

Localization & Financial Accounting Visibility

Our solutions are implemented by many single-site companies as well as multi-site/entity companies in the oil and gas industry. They require one-click consolidated reporting, currency exchange transactions, and local compliance for legal and tax reasons.

Optimize to <span>reduce cost and improve delivery.</span>

Optimize to reduce cost and improve delivery.

Your profit margin can be greatly enhanced through close management of your supply chain, operations, and services. We can assist you with maximizing supply chain efficiencies, which enables you to rapidly respond to the material needs of your customers, protect your company from problems with suppliers, and buffer operations from demand and supply uncertainty.

<span>Products and solutions</span> focused on the oil and gas industry.

Products and solutions focused on the oil and gas industry.

You know the oil and gas industry can go from boom to bust anytime and without notice. To limit risk, it is critically important to continually work to improve efficiencies and productivity. We can help you to shorten lead times, limit material in the queue, and operate a flexible manufacturing environment.

Why WM Synergy?

If you’re serious about unleashing your company’s full potential by improving efficiencies, productivity, lead times, and inventory management techniques, WM Synergy offers a unique combination of products and services that can help you get the job done.

icon Vast Industry Experience

Vast Industry Experience

icon Efficiency Experts Who Support Lean Initiatives

Efficiency Experts Who Support Lean Initiatives

icon Certified Application Specialists

Certified Application Specialists

icon Products That Enable Digital Transformation

Products That Enable Digital Transformation