Innovate Your Processes

Competing in manufacturing today requires constant innovation — from how you design your products to the way they are delivered to your customer’s loading dock, and everything in between. At its core, innovation is understanding how to look at a problem, find the resources to solve it, and end up with a better way to go forward. We help improve your common business processes via innovative thinking and problem solving.

Below explore some of the results we help manufacturers achieve by hovering over the radiating blue dots in each area of a manufacturing company to learn more about innovative solutions we offer.

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Innovation is About Problem Solving

When an area of your company faces a tough problem, you often need a diverse set of resources to address it. WM Synergy delivers a powerful spectrum of innovative products and services combined with decades of experience. We see problem solving as the foundation of creating and sustaining innovation and continuous improvement.


Achieving consistent profitability is the foundation of your business. A solid strategy for profitability must be in place to support its growth.

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On Time Delivery

In manufacturing, your delivery date is a commitment to your customer. Delivering on time, in less time, all of the time, is a critical goal for every manufacturer.

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Digital Transformation

Digital technology is changing how we manufacture and how we service our customers. Every manufacturer needs a strategy that will transform their business by leveraging Smart Technology such as IIoT (the industrial internet of things) capabilities and business analytics.

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Growth requires planning, additional investment in resources, superior customer service, maintaining quality standards, and a high level of management. Without a growth strategy, you may well experience a setback.

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Supply Chain

The success of your business is linked directly to your supply chain. The cost, quality, and timeliness of your supply chain will mean the difference between exceptional performance and just surviving.

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The Smart Factory

The Smart Factory is redefining productivity for the 2020’s. We are on the verge of a real paradigm shift that will change everything the connected employee, the smart factory – where real-time data, connected machines, and predictive capabilities contribute to greater forward motion.

Welcome to the Age of Networked Intelligence.

Watch this video to learn how the Smart Factory has evolved and become the cornerstone of Manufacturing Innovation.

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Sales & Marketing

Producing and delivering a product is no longer enough to be successful in manufacturing. Today’s complex supply chains often require marketing your products and selling them directly to customers. WM Synergy will build a Sales and Marketing program for you that will generate revenue at a consistent and sustainable level.

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R&D, Project Management, and Product Engineering

Before any product can be built, many essential processes must be in place that foster and manage the development of ideas and get them into the hands of your engineers. Using our best R&D, Project Management, and Product Engineering practices, you can reduce time to market by as much as 30%.

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Supply Chain

Be more competitive with reduced costs and faster deliveries with optimized supply chain management.

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Asset Optimization

Improving uptime and utilization of assets is the key to higher profits. We have the tools that can measure all facets of asset performance and help increase utilization by at least 15%

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Better production planning and material usage drives higher throughput. Higher throughput directly impacts profitability. We can help you to increase profit by 15% – 30% using the same resources.

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Quality Management

Are you experiencing rework that’s too high or inconsistent quality? If so, you need a comprehensive Quality Management system. Ours will decrease your rework while increasing overall quality, which will drive higher profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Warehouse & Logistics

Today’s manufacturing may require you to assume the role of distributing product to customers. To ensure the highest profitability, you need to have a powerful logistics model to deliver your products at the lowest cost.

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After Market Services

Many complex products such as equipment, require after market field services as part of the product offering to the customer. Digital transformation is powering a new breed of mobile service systems that interact with personal, GPS systems, and ERP systems.


Information Technology

Never before has IT infrastructure and IT development had more choices. Deployment options include On Premise, Hosted, Hybrid, and multi-tenant cloud deployment, as well as full multi-tenant systems.



Today’s ERP solutions generate a wealth of transactional data that can be mined to show financial strengths and weaknesses in a variety of areas including inventory management and job costing. A solid financial system fuels growth and stability.