You have the need for speed.

Today’s customers demand that furniture and fixture manufacturers offer new product lines and custom options for existing products on demand. We can help you build speed and flexibility into your engineering and production processes so you can meet expectations.

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The WM Synergy team worked with Innovant employees to improve our business processes and make visible the critical information needed to support data-driven decisions. They also helped us to redeploy and integrate our ERP, Design/Rendering, CRM, and CAD systems in a more effective manner. And today, for the first time ever, we can leverage these systems to monitor key performance indicators, measure progress, report financials, and accurately see detailed costs, which will help Innovant drive more improvement activities well into the future.

Garret Pluck, CEO
Ready, set, go towards increased profit.

Our Advantage-1 Implementation approach is focused on accomplishing your goals and business improvements through tools, process, and change mangement.

reduction in engineering-to-production lead time
increase in productivity
reduction in inventory and WIP
growth in revenue by a customer
Get the competitive edge you need.
icon Industry Expert Partners

Industry Expert Partners

WM Synergy’s vast industry experience and knowledge will help you establish efficient, best practice processes with the speed and flexibility needed to address increasing customer expectations while strengthening your bottom-line profit.

icon Increase Quote Win Rate

Increase Quote Win Rate

Drastically reduce quote turnaround time and provide visually appealing bids with robust Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) functionality with 2D and 3D CAD integration.

icon Improve Planning & Scheduling

Improve Planning & Scheduling

Improve your organization’s ability to understand market demands with better planning, forecasting, and scheduling tools. You’ll be able to schedule your materials, resources, and tooling more efficiently.

icon Cut Operational Costs

Cut Operational Costs

With global competition, volatile material costs, increasing transportation costs, and complex supply chains, it is imperative that you have complete visibility of your cost position.

icon Shorten Product Development Lifecycles

Shorten Product Development Lifecycles

Get products to market faster with the flexibility to rapidly adjust to changing customer requirements. You’ll also be able to reduce time to market, ensure product compliance, and improve quality throughout production using a consistent product lifecycle management process.

<span>Automate and integrate</span> for speed.

Automate and integrate for speed.

When speed is essential, best practices combined with the ability to transfer data across platforms, programs, and systems is essential. Smart manufacturing starts with smart processes.

<span> Become more efficient and effective</span> on the shop floor.

Become more efficient and effective on the shop floor.

After streamlining the quote to sales order process, your shop floor will need to increase capacity and speed will be paramount. Based on option and dimensions the multi-level bill of material and routing created will drive purchasing, production planning, and other areas.  Efficiencies will be gained through:

  • The ability to group manufacturing requirements for common material profiles (like species or size)
  • Inventory & Supply Chain Management – you need to have enough inventory on hand to ship and fabricate. Visibility into your stock, characteristics, locations, and more is accessible immediately.
  • Material Optimization – integrated nesting to planning enables you to combine orders to get the most out of your material
  • Supply Chain Management – sourcing quality material from multiple suppliers leads to complexity. Visibility into metrics allows you to strategically improve your supply chain.
  • Shop Floor Visibility through hand held tablets and LCDs – ShopFloor Mobile provides paperless visibility into real time job priorities, drawings, job instructions, specifications, quality requirements, and material availability.
  • Shipping & Logistics – integrate to multiple carriers and print required paperwork and labels and breakdown shipments into multiple deliveries
Why WM Synergy?

As a supplier looking to be competitive in the Furniture and Fixture industry, you know the status quo is not an option. The opportunity to grow and be profitable is determined by your customer. We can help you unleash your business’s full potential.

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Operation Advancing Products & Services

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Vast Industry Experience

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Certified Application Specialists

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Lean & Improvement Initiative Efficiency Experts