Experience measurable performance improvement.

Without building speed and flexibility into engineering and manufacturing processes, the potential of your business to grow and succeed is put at risk. By helping you tackle these challenges as well as the strengthening of your supply chain, we can enable you to remove roadblocks to growth and higher levels of profitability.

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WM Synergy educated our company on the value of Lean and the proper execution of Kaizen and ERP optimization. As they facilitated each event, they were teaching our team how to sustain improvements and how to continue the program for years to come. WM Synergy made it clear, they were here to educate, not to direct and that if we were to be successful going forward, we would need to become the experts and take full ownership of the program.

Richard Meisenheimer, President & Second Generation Owner
Spectrum Associates
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We now have a better understanding of inventory and order demand. Raw material purchasing has improved since we can utilize economic order quantities and better schedule our orders.

Charlie Frampton, Director of Operations
Skills Inc.
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From the shop foreman to the quality department, everybody has their own personalized display that’s tied to their schedule. It’s almost like a Taco Bell board. The job at the top is the first job to be worked on and that’s for each resource, whether it’s quality control or one of the CNC machines. It’s a huge time saver!

Jon Maxcy, President
Knox Machine
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It’s a tremendous time saver and greatly enhances good will with our customers being able to respond so quickly to their requests.

Dan Goldberg, Senior Supply Chain Manager
L-3 Telemetry-East
Fly ahead of your competitors.
increase in market share
increase in on-time delivery by 72% to 98%
increase in sales from largest customer
Remove roadblocks to increased growth and profitability.
icon Increase Delivery Performance

Increase Delivery Performance

Our customers use our integrated scheduling and planning tools to increase on-time delivery and reduce lead times. Enjoy the simplicity of drag and drop and the depth of features that not only provide you with priorities, but also with prescriptive advice regarding how to improve throughput and customer satisfaction.

icon Clear Supply Chain Visibility

Clear Supply Chain Visibility

To make accurate projections, achieve favorable prices, and meet customer delivery dates, you must have the ability to maintain supply chain visibility, better manage raw materials, and communicate effectively with suppliers. You can do these things with collaboration tools that create an integrated supply chain ecosystem. Enabling you to onboard suppliers faster, share documentation more efficiently, and better synchronize the supply chain, which reduces risk and improves profitability.

icon Win More Business

Win More Business

Our industry leading Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software provides you with the ability to turn quotes around in minutes vs. days. For those that can’t benefit from CPQ, the ability to have real-time visibility into product and project costing gives estimators the confidence to turnaround quotes quickly. Faster quote/bid turnaround increases your chance to win business by 40%!

icon Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

You probably often deal with contracts over $10 million in value, which means you have to adhere to Earned Value Management as well as other important regulations. Regulatory Compliance adds complexity to already complex processes. We’ll help you track all projects and resources with high visibility and detail.

icon Increase Revenue Via Servitization

Increase Revenue Via Servitization

In an era when it’s difficult to compete on price, differentiating on service offerings is one way manufacturers like you are gaining a competitive advantage. For some, this represents a major business model transformation – We can help you provide new systems of value for your customers.

Cyber Resilience for Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense manufacturers committed to a strategy and culture of cyber resilience will become stronger competitors. With pervasive cyber resilience, they can grow their businesses with the knowledge that cyberattacks will have minimal impact on their daily operations and reputation. Download this executive brief for an in-depth look at cyber resilience, its business impact for aerospace and defense manufacturers, and how software can help.
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<span>Upgrade your performance </span>while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Upgrade your performance while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Few industries face strict quality standards and regulatory scrutiny like aerospace and defense. Whether you’re supplying precision components or managing large governmental projects, Infor VISUAL offers the costing, quality, and audit controls required for full compliance.

  • Specifications and data “flow down” for ITAR, DFAR, etc.
  • Contract review and administration
  • Electronic orders, forecasts, and order changes can be imported
  • PO and AP Automation with Supplier Portals
  • Ability to have payment by shipping document, not by invoice
  • Maintenance, repair, and overhaul service
Engineering <span>Control & Quality Assurance</span>

Engineering Control & Quality Assurance

  • Engineering Change Control
  • CAD integration
  • CPQ – Best-in-Class Configurator
  • First article and engineering controls (design and manufacturer-to-order)
  • Serial number, material lot, and audit tracking
  • Document management
Regulatory <span>& Project</span>

Regulatory & Project

  • DD250 (DCAA) and Form 1443 both available
  • Project Management with Earned Value Management and milestone reporting
  • Secure, ITAR Compliant, Vendor, and Customer Portals to improve supply chain efficiency and accuracy
  • FedRamp/.Gov certified (if choose Cloud Deployment)
  • Actual job costing
Why WM Synergy?

WM Synergy’s Professional Services team offers a hands-on approach to measurable and sustainable performance improvement.

icon Industry

Industry "Best Practice"

Our experts leverage a vast amount of industry experience and knowledge to help you establish best practices throughout your operation and drive performance improvement.

icon Software Optimization

Software Optimization

Although many enterprise software systems may have a wide breadth of modular functionality to address common challenges aerospace and defense manufacturers face, our applications specialists will apply the right features and functions to improve your unique processes.

icon Measurable Improvement

Measurable Improvement

Our business and technical assessments, training programs, and workshops deliver business performance improvement that is in line with your industry and overall business strategy.

icon Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Our Continuous Improvement team delivers dramatic results with their Kaizen events and provides you with the education needed to sustain success on your own.