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Maximize your tech with laser-focused customization & integrations

Technology and business processes should go hand in hand. But not everything does exactly what you need off-the-shelf. At WM Synergy, we use tech customization and process innovation to help you get the most from ALL your systems.

icon Gaining more value from existing tech

Gaining more value from existing tech

Not every challenge calls for a custom-built solution. Our team always begins with figuring out if your existing ERP or other software can offer an answer. Often, the right features to solve a problem can be addressed with configuration instead of a custom-built solution. Saving you money by offering the right advice is our goal for every project.

icon Deep diving the business process

Deep diving the business process

If your existing software simply can’t do what you need, our next step is looking at the process you are trying to optimize with tech. Our team collaborates with yours across disciplines and departments. Our goal is uncovering ALL the ways to optimize the business process so it’s truly ready for automation or integration, or digital transformation.

icon Delivering “last mile” solutions to close the gap

Delivering “last mile” solutions to close the gap

With a well-defined business process and a clear goal for your custom software development or integration project, our engineers can craft exactly what you need. The good news is, we’ve done this many times before so we are rarely starting from the ground up. Knowing the best and easiest way to build your custom tech accelerates the completion timeline.

<span>Technical design</span> can drive advantage

Technical design can drive advantage

There’s a reason your competition hasn’t taken the time to develop custom software to make the most of their ERP with integrations and customization. It takes vision and effort. But the payoff in efficiency and competitive advantage can be high. We help you gain the edge with advanced tech.

The integration of <span>data propels growth.</span>

The integration of data propels growth.

Nothing slows down business like fragmented data that keeps real-world processes from being truly streamlined. Our team will help you review and design data integrations that are easy to use and maintain and that enable you to quickly move data between systems. Prepare to unleash the power of ALL your data working together.

<span>On-demand</span> customization just got easier.

On-demand customization just got easier.

WM Synergy specializes in having a wide portfolio of standard solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and e-commerce companies. However, we also develop custom applications using the latest development tools to produce fast, efficient code designed for easy maintenance.

How we deliver tech success.
icon Business-driven technology decisions

Business-driven technology decisions

Designing a solution starts with agreement on goals. We believe every tech project should have a clear purpose and be linked to a foreseeable business benefit.

icon Scope and budget alignment

Scope and budget alignment

Project overruns are kept in check when everyone agrees on what “done” looks like. We ask the right questions to build out a clear roadmap for each project to minimize surprises later on.

icon Domain expertise + engineering expertise

Domain expertise + engineering expertise

Collaboration between our industry specialists and our technicians means we KNOW what you need built, why it matters, and how it will mesh with your business processes.

icon Accelerated development through experience

Accelerated development through experience

For each new project, we go back into our toolbox of previous solutions, products and widgets we’ve built through the years to speed up your project.

icon Data integrity to protect your business

Data integrity to protect your business

Your ability to operate depends on access to your data, and your ability to make decisions depends on accurate data. We follow strict guidelines in our design and code production to ensure data accuracy and dependability.

icon Project management support when you need it

Project management support when you need it

If you have an in-house team that’s assigned a project, a solid management methodology, oversight, and advice can remove roadblocks and frustration so your team can shine.

Customer Stories
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The technical services from WM Synergy are great partners and a trusted resource! For more than 20 years, they have not only helped with upgrades, reports, and extensibility, but also helped us understand Infor ERP capabilities and how we could leverage them to gain efficiencies and improve our processes.

Melissa Carvahlo, Vice President IT
EA Dion
Video Poster

The team at Novae has worked with the team at WM Synergy for two go-live implementations in the past year. It has been a pleasure working together on both occasions. What sets the team at WM Synergy apart from other partners is their high level of commitment and dedication to ensuring our success. The technical level of expertise has helped us overcome challenges on many occasions.

Oliver Reelsen, Director IT
Novae Corp
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I'm very pleased with the outcome of our upgrade and move to SQL Server. We had several customizations which also needed to be revised to work with the new version of our Infor ERP and a new database platform and everything worked out great.

Leigh Straub, IT Manager
Bren-Tronics, Inc.