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Create a culture of positive change.

The primary objective of a Lean Program is to eliminate waste along the entire value stream. When properly executed a Lean program will effectively transform your business and increase profitability and customer satisfaction through efficient processes. More importantly your Lean Program will have a major impact on the behavior of your employees and your company’s overall culture.

icon Increase Productivity up to 60%

Increase Productivity up to 60%

The constant elimination of wastes and streamlined processes allows companies to produce more in the same square footage with the same number of resources.

icon Inventory & WIP Reductions up to 50%

Inventory & WIP Reductions up to 50%

Inventory and WIP reductions lead to increased cash flow and frees up funds to reinvest in improvement activities and innovation.

icon Lead Time Reductions & On-Time Delivery Gains

Lead Time Reductions & On-Time Delivery Gains

Lead time reductions and on-time delivery reduce the order to cash duration, reduces carrying costs, and increases customer satisfaction.

icon Cost of Quality

Cost of Quality

Cost of Quality reductions go directly to the bottom line and increases profitability, reliability & customer satisfaction.

icon Improved Employee Engagement

Improved Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel valued and involved in their everyday work. Lean transformation dramatically increases when you engage every worker at his or her workplace, building a sense of teamwork.

icon Agile/Scalable


The ability to adapt and quickly respond to your customer’s demands and unpredictable market changes makes for a business that is scalable and better equipped to thrive well in the future.

Customer Stories
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In less than one quarter, the WM Synergy team has brought immediate, noticeable improvement to our culture and we are seeing improvements in all areas. They are a very focused, active, and hands-on team. They roll up their sleeves and work with all levels of the organization with an obvious emphasis on teaching, not telling, our team about best practices, Lean methodologies, and how best to optimize our ERP system. The WM Synergy team has been flexible when needed which is extremely important in our business. And they have proven to be sensitive, yet solid when it comes to change and change management.

Linwood Parker, Founder
Parker Boats
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WM Synergy educated our company on the value of Lean and the proper execution of Kaizen and ERP optimization. As they facilitated each event, they were teaching our team how to sustain improvements and how to continue the program for years to come. WM Synergy made it clear, they were here to educate, not to direct and that if we were to be successful going forward, we would need to become the experts and take full ownership of the program.

Richard Meisenheimer, President & Second Generation Owner
Spectrum Associates
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Achieving the ability to grow within the same space and reduce both cycle times and delivery lead times were some of Hamilton Associates strategic objectives. With the guidance of the WM Synergy’s Lean team, we accomplished the following through Kaizen:

- Freed up 45% of our occupied space from 1724 sq ft being utilized to 942 sq. ft.
- Quoted Service Lead-Time reduced from 10 days to 2 days (or less)!
- Cycle Time reduction from 143.5 minutes to 78 minutes a 45% reduction.

Douglas Hamilton, III, CEO
Hamilton Associates, Inc.