The world of “just-in-time” delivery

Eighty percent of the top 100 automotive suppliers use Infor ERP software. They know it’s crucial to have their supply chain management systems functioning properly and profits growing along with their customer base.

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With Infor ERP we achieved a double-digit percentage reduction of purchase parts at several sites.

Marion von der Hand, Director of Global Supply Management
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Infor ERP's ease of use and superior quoting/estimating capabilities, along with the highest level quality module we’ve ever seen, will dramatically improve our business intelligence. This will enable us to make the strategic decisions to continue to steepen the growth trajectory of the business.

Lynda Zacpal, President
America Pride Fasteners
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One of the more critical parts of being a Tier 1 automotive supplier is to participate in electronic data interchange (EDI) with customers to receive forecasts, schedule releases, and report back to the auto company on shipments and production. The automotive release software and WM Synergy are a good marriage.

Meet today’s challenges head-on.
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Stay ahead of the competition.
icon Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Strengthen Your Supply Chain

The time between a demand signal and a supplier acknowledgement of price and the subsequent delivery is often a large contributor to the overall delivery lead time and business function, which we have successfully helped companies streamline and improve.

icon Optimize Facilities & Assets

Optimize Facilities & Assets

As production lines and workcells become more automated and complex, you must have a maintenance system that provides your staff with the right knowledge to keep things running. The WM Synergy Lean/Continuous Improvement team delivers dramatic results with their Kaizen events. They focus on increased machine and employee productivity, while minimizing in-process inventory and space.

icon Strategic Inventory Planning

Strategic Inventory Planning

Your business will benefit from ensuring your inventory replenishment strategy and lot size planning is effective, and that planning, procurement, inventory, capacity, and quality management are integral parts of the overall solution.

icon Easily Comply to Industry Standards

Easily Comply to Industry Standards

You can stop struggling day in and out to meet the stringent quality and regulatory standards.

icon Make Smart Advances

Make Smart Advances

The internet of things (IoT), robotics, digital service models, and a variety of disruptions are coming together to drive rapid growth. This puts immense pressure to innovate on automotive manufacturers.

The bright side of discrete, <span>repetitive automotive manufacturing.</span>

The bright side of discrete, repetitive automotive manufacturing.

Worldwide vehicle output is forecasted to grow more than 50% over the next 10 years, yet many automotive companies are fighting for survival. When your systems make it easy to keep ahead of the breakneck speed of auto industry progress, you’ll have a major strategic advantage. Cutting edge Infor automotive solutions will help you change in ways that meet your needs and your schedule. They’ll ensure your supply chain, inventory management, and shop floor scheduling are in line with real demand.

Automotive manufacturing industry <span>ERP products and solutions.</span>

Automotive manufacturing industry ERP products and solutions.

As a supplier in the automotive supply chain, you know you are at risk if you are not  continuously working to shorten supplier and production lead times and limit material in the queue and on hand. You need a flexible manufacturing environment that allows your team to transition from one job to another.

Our solutions meet industry requirements such as:
  • Compliance – AIAG, TS16949, ISO, OESA, etc.
  • EDI – ability to send and receive all standard EDI documents
  • AIAG –  bar code label printing including package labels, pallet labels, master and/or mixed labels, container labels, and quick receive labels
  • Concurrent scheduling
  • Program management
  • Supply chain and procurement
  • Quality assurance
Why Synergy?

For over 35 years, WM Synergy has delivered products and services that allow automotive suppliers to successfully improve their operational and financial performance.

icon A Proven Track Record of Sustainable Improvement

A Proven Track Record of Sustainable Improvement

icon Products That Enable Digital Transformation

Products That Enable Digital Transformation

icon Certified Application Specialists

Certified Application Specialists

icon Efficiency Experts Who Support Lean Initiatives

Efficiency Experts Who Support Lean Initiatives