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Everything DiSC Assessment-based Learning

This program provides the tools and resources to successfully implement change management initiatives. It helps leaders to deepen self-awareness, inspire appreciation of others, and foster collaboration in the workplace. Backed by over 40 years of research and the experience of WM Synergy, you can expect customizable solutions that meet your organization’s unique training needs. Start your organization on the path from personalized insight to cultural change today.

icon Change Management Strategy

Change Management Strategy

Provides alignment from the leadership team to the employees. Supports a smooth transition from the current to the future.

icon Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Allows you to plan for a more efficient communication strategy helping to minimize resistance to change. Increases cooperation, collaboration, and communication.

icon Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

Emphasizes positive opportunities and human resources change management strategy, leading to improved morale, productivity, quality of work, and profit.

icon Agile Organizational Structures

Agile Organizational Structures

Build a sense of urgency around positive change, helping your team adjust quickly to changing conditions.

Unlock Your Team's Full Potential & Achieve Impactful Results

At WM Synergy, effective workplace relationships are a cultural priority.

Everything DiSC on the Catalyst platform is a way for individuals in our organization to come together to:

  • Improve Collaboration
  • Feel Connected
  • Stay Engaged

To build effective workplace relationships, it’s important to understand your coworkers’ preferences and tendencies such as – how they prefer to work and what they care about.

In this video, hear from WM Synergy employees about how to work more effectively with their DiSC style.

Why Our Customers Refer Us
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To kick off our ERP Implementation Project our team participated in the Everything DiSC Workplace training sessions. This workplace development solution helped our team discover their own DiSC style, and understand the priorities, motivators, and stress triggers that shape their workplace experience. We learned to recognize and appreciate where others are coming from by comparing similarities and differences among the DiSC styles. Lastly, our team identified strategies and created an action plan to work more effectively with colleagues to reduce tension, solve problems and contribute positively to the organization. I prioritize and value the need for cohesive teams and strong workplace relationships. I highly recommend the WM Synergy Center of Excellence’s team and Everything DiSC Workplace if you are looking to improve workplace relationships and build more effective teams.

Tim Ward, Owner
ATMAX Equipment Co.
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We recently engaged the WM Synergy Center of Excellence to facilitate an Everything DiSC Management session. The session was unanimously received as being a very positive event. This program will help this group become better managers as our company grows. Many of this management team will take on more responsibilities over the next year and it is important they are as prepared as possible to ensure the long-term success of the company. I highly recommend working with the WM Synergy Center of Excellence team and the Everything DiSC program to facilitate teamwork at your organization, as well as strengthen your management team.

Eric​​ McAlexander, CEO
HTI Cybernetics, Inc.

SWBC’s Culture is really focused on our Core Values and everything ties to those. We have 18 different divisions and a number of different product lines and our organization serves individual businesses and financial institutions so we have quite a diversity in our employee base. DiSC has really given us a way to be able to get employees working together across those lines.

Mandy Smith, VP of Training & Employee Development
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The program helps emerging leaders understand their strengths and opportunities early in their career. They begin to see the differences in personality styles
as well as increase self-awareness, gaining insights needed to lead larger groups effectively. Vision, Alignment, and Execution are the output but the people
interaction is the input that is so valuable.

Paul Hundhammer, Senior Vice President of Sales
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In the last six months I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in each manager’s awareness of their own communication style as well as a better understanding of the dynamic within their own teams. They’ve come to better understand others —how they think, their differing personalities, their management approach—and adapted their own communication to best fit the situation.

Mario Sciberras, President & CEO
Saline Lectronics, Inc.