Our modern ERP solutions are designed to meet production and regulatory requirements.

Seamlessly integrate all your core business functions and manufacturing processes, optimizing every aspect for enhanced efficiency. Upholding current regulatory standards is our utmost priority, ensuring you remain compliant. Navigate your industry confidently with a unified platform that offers a single, reliable source of truth.

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Our company just had our one-year anniversary of being live on Acumatica Cloud ERP. We chose Acumatica because we wanted an ERP for our business that was a flexible, easy-to-use business management solution. We had to be sure the solution we picked would carry our business into the next decade and beyond. Acumatica has effectively delivered this flexibility with an intuitive user interface and the deep industry functionality that is needed in the manufacturing industry. We could not be happier with our decision to go with Acumatica and WM Synergy!

Eric Hamilton, President & CEO
QuinTron Instrument Company, Inc.
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Weidenhammer engaged WM Synergy's team to support the implementation of their Acumatica ERP solution. With the current rate of growth stressing existing processes and coming from a heavily Excel-based model to run our business, we knew we would gain efficiencies in how we processed our work from Quote to Cash but needed support to get there. The training was interactive and hands-on, and we were extremely impressed with the WM Synergy team’s responsiveness to our questions and challenges. This team was dedicated, and their knowledge of manufacturing was invaluable. Their team made sure we understood the ramifications of the decisions we were making and did so from a true point of experience in our seats. We have placed our organization on the right platform for growth and profitability and we highly recommend anyone to work with the WM Synergy team to help you get there.

Glenn J. Emory, General Manager
Weidenhammer New Packaging
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The WM Synergy team’s extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing, finance, continuous improvement and change management were instrumental in our companies achieved success.

Jeffrey Cooper, VP Information Technology
Graham Architectural Products

Is your manufacturing future-ready?

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Get the competitive edge you need.

Unlock your potential with our cutting-edge ERP solutions built specifically for process manufacturers which bring unparalleled precision and efficiency to your operations.

icon Flexible Formula Management

Flexible Formula Management

Adapt formulas in real-time, both during product creation and actual production, ensuring precision and efficiency in achieving target characteristics.

icon Compliance Reporting

Compliance Reporting

Stay compliant with both industry-specific and federal mandates. Ensure lot traceability, transactional audit reports, and shipping documentation, fortifying your compliance stance.

icon Laboratory Insights

Laboratory Insights

Empower your product development with the ability to define and monitor countless physical and chemical properties. Dive deep into formula intricacies, making adjustments based on comprehensive property analysis.

icon Process Order Management

Process Order Management

Create and schedule the optimal number of batch jobs required for a product formula and its varied packaging configurations.

icon Quality Management

Quality Management

Integrate end-to-end quality control measures, ensuring products meet the highest standards at every step of the production process, enhancing reliability and customer trust.

icon Traceability


Efficiently follow suspect materials, from intake to dispatch, or within any stage of the work-in-progress.

<span>Built on a foundation </span>of manufacturing best practices.

Built on a foundation of manufacturing best practices.

Harness the power of innovative tools tailored for excellence in process manufacturing. Elevate your operations with exceptional capabilities:

  • Precision control over batch production, including by-products.
  • QC activities management with industry-aligned compliance labeling & reports.
  • Dynamic ingredient adjustment to meet product objectives.
  • Safeguard your intellectual property with secure formula storage.
  • Detailed manufacturing instructions & consumable tracking.
  • Define and monitor losses at each stage.
  • Impeccable inventory issuing based on QC clearance.
Why WM Synergy?

As a manufacturer in the process manufacturing industry, you know the status quo is not an option. The opportunity to grow and be profitable is determined by your customer. We can help you unleash your business’s full potential.

icon Industry

Industry "Best Practices"

Our industry experts leverage their vast amount of industry experience and knowledge to help you establish best practices throughout your operation and drive performance improvement.

icon Software Optimization

Software Optimization

Our applications specialists know how to apply the right features and functions to improve your processes.

icon Measurable Improvement

Measurable Improvement

Our business and technical assessments, training programs, and workshops deliver business performance improvement that is in line with your industry and overall business strategy.

icon Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Our continuous improvement team delivers dramatic results with their Kaizen events and provides you with the education needed to sustain success on your own.