Maximize innovation with ERP for Electronics Manufacturing.

High-tech customer expectations, combined with the quick pace of technological advancement, put tremendous pressure on your already complex product cycle to get innovative products to market as quickly as possible. An ERP for electronics manufacturing can boost efficiency and productivity while increasing growth and productivity.

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The leading industry trend is being able to deliver products faster and accurately, which is one of our mottos: "Right the first time." Infor and WM Synergy have provided company-wide visibility into our product lifecycle, improved our efficiencies, and allowed us to capitalize on this advantage.

Cathy Coletts, Director of Information Technology
Cincinnati Sub-Zero
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Rather than guessing at the problems in our operation, WM Synergy and Infor ERP showed us what the problems are so we can address what needs to be fixed while leaving everything else untouched. We can react quickly to remedy a problem before it becomes too late. It’s a powerful tool for us.

Richard Evangelista, Vice President of Operations
Federal Electronics
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I can instantly tell whether we’re making or losing money on an assembly or job. This enables us to evaluate the labor and material costs of each assembly and take corrective action, if necessary.

Chris Tillotson, General Manager
American Products, Inc.
Experience measurable performance improvement.
ROI after implementing ERP
of Hours saved by implementing systemized traceability
high-tech electronics companies use Infor and Synergy solutions
Remove roadblocks to increased growth and profitability.
icon Purpose-Built Solutions

Purpose-Built Solutions

As a high-tech or electronics manufacturer, you need control over component and finished goods inventory at the revision and tracking number level to efficiently and effectively service customers. Our solutions deliver the supply chain visibility to meet these demands and also offer comprehensive material and capacity planning functionality, which maximizes productivity.

icon Clear Supply Chain Visibility

Clear Supply Chain Visibility

For you to make accurate projections, achieve favorable prices, and meet customer delivery demands, you must have the ability to maintain supply chain visibility, better manage raw materials, and communicate effectively and efficiently with suppliers. We can help you do all of these things with the right collaboration tools, which create a functionally integrated supply chain ecosystem.

icon Ensure On-Time Delivery

Ensure On-Time Delivery

Our customers use our integrated scheduling and planning tools to increase on-time delivery and reduce lead times. Enjoy the simplicity of drag and drop and the depth of features that not only provide you with priorities, but also with prescriptive advice regarding how to improve throughput and customer satisfaction.

icon Win More Business

Win More Business

Our industry leading CPQ enables you to turn quotes around in minutes vs. days. The ability to have real-time visibility into product and project costing gives estimators the confidence to turnaround quotes quickly. Faster quote/bid turnaround increases your chance to win business by ~40%!

icon Maintain Approved Supplier & Manufacturer Part Lists

Maintain Approved Supplier & Manufacturer Part Lists

Easily import Manufacturer and Supplier Part Lists during the quoting process to ensure that you purchase the right parts with the right specs. Cross reference your internal part number to your customers’, vendors’, and manufacturers’ parts.

<span>Lot & Serial Number</span> Control

Lot & Serial Number Control

Lot and serial number control includes many specific features. Most importantly, our ERP solutions gives you true “cradle-to-grave” tracking of all parts purchased, used in production, and sold. In addition, numbers can be pre-assigned prior to production and can be configured to contain intelligence.

Global <span>supply chain.</span>

Global supply chain.

Due to the outsourcing of manufacturing to China, electronics companies are increasingly having to juggle internal and external resources while staying within international standards. Issues such as traceability and compliance are increasing operational burdens. Long supply chains that span the entire globe make it more difficult to trace defects and increase inertia once a product has started being supplied to markets.

Why WM Synergy?

Insights and innovations that are driving the electronics industry forward. Companies that are serious about improving business performance rely on WM Synergy’s Professional Services team to help them achieve measurable and sustainable performance improvement.

icon Industry

Industry "Best Practice"

WM Synergy’s experts leverage a vast amount of industry experience and knowledge to help you establish best practices throughout your operation and drive performance improvement.

icon Software Optimization

Software Optimization

Although many ERP systems can address common challenges, WM Synergy’s applications specialists know how to apply the right features and functions to improve your processes.

icon Measurable Improvement

Measurable Improvement

Our business and technical assessments, training programs, and workshops deliver business performance improvement that is in line with your industry and overall business strategy.

icon Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Our Continuous Improvement team delivers dramatic results with their Kaizen events and provides you with the education needed to sustain and continue on your own.