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Our software-agnostic consulting division is dedicated to helping you maximize performance in key areas that matter most to your business.

Here’s what you can expect:


  • Overcoming Inefficiencies: Optimize your operations with our targeted solutions to eliminate inefficiencies, boost productivity, and enhance process effectiveness.
  • Tackling Labor Shortages: Address labor shortages with a blend of automation and workforce optimization, ensuring high productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Controlling Rising Costs: Manage and mitigate rising costs through strategic cost-saving measures and efficient resource allocation.
  • Adapting to Market Changes: Stay agile and competitive with our guidance on navigating market shifts, leveraging trend analysis and adaptive business strategies.

With WM Synergy’s Center of Excellence, you will experience streamlined processes, best practices implementation, and accelerated organizational change. Your journey to excellence starts here!

<span>Implement Lean That Lasts</span>

Implement Lean That Lasts

Lean done right is THE most effective way to improve productivity, culture, and retention that helps you battle labor shortages. From value stream mapping to shop floor layout design and optimization, we deliver high-impact Kaizen events to create immediate and meaningful improvement. We teach YOUR team how to do Lean independently so you can execute and sustain improvements over the long term. Unlike other consultants, we integrate Lean methodology with your ERP for exponentially better outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Help your entire team do more with fewer resources AND less stress
  • Stop turning work away due to lack of capacity
  • Dramatically reduce long lead times
  • Bring on-time delivery levels up to 90% or higher
  • Improve profitability, employee morale, and business resilience

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<span>Optimize Your People with DiSC</span>

Optimize Your People with DiSC

When your employees have the tools to navigate workplace communication effectively, collaboration replaces conflict and confusion. We leverage DiSC to help your people understand themselves and their team members better. This HIGHLY practical training delivers immediate results.

Key Benefits

  • Employees with different personalities start getting along
  • Team members know how to ask for what they need
  • People shift from blame to responsibility
  • Change management is exponentially easier
  • Greater productivity becomes the norm

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<span>Assess Your Business Operations</span>

Assess Your Business Operations

Knowing where you stand is the first and most powerful step to finding the best path forward. We assess your business operations around processes, people, and production to highlight areas where focused effort will provide the greatest ROI for your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Access to insights from 100s of our previous engagements
  • Decision-making criteria for what to address NOW vs. later
  • A clear understanding of WHAT needs to change and the business impact
  • Agreement and alignment on the definition of success
  • Best practices around managing resources to achieve your goals

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<span>Map & Optimize Your Processes</span>

Map & Optimize Your Processes

Not getting the level of performance you need across your organization? WHAT your team does each day and HOW they do it needs to change. With our Process Mapping and Optimization services, we make it easier to figure out where the bottlenecks are, find the easy wins, and create a plan for full transformation.

Key Benefits

  • Document knowledge for easier transfer
  • Identify and eliminate unnecessary steps
  • Improve quality and regulatory compliance
  • Know what is ready for automation
  • Support continuous improvement

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Why Our Customers Refer Us
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We had the pleasure of working with WM Synergy's Center of Excellence team for a Business Process Mapping Exercise at Meyer Manufacturing. As a family-owned company with a generational legacy, we were seeking clarity and direction before embarking on the implementation of a new ERP system. The BPM exercise conducted by WM Synergy proved to be invaluable as we mapped our comprehensive business processes, from start to finish. We now feel confident and empowered to streamline our operations and optimize efficiency moving forward. We are grateful to the WM Synergy team for their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to our success. Their BPM exercise has laid a solid foundation for our ERP implementation journey, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future.

Nick Underwood, IT Manager
Meyer Manufacturing Corporation
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We engaged WM Synergy’s Center of Excellence to help us streamline our front-end business processes and improve our throughput on the shop floor. Value Stream Mapping got the whole team involved in discussing current state processes, challenges, and production bottlenecks, with the end result being a strategy and plan that will drive dramatic improvements throughout the organization. If you’re unsure where to start your improvement initiatives, I’d recommend Value Stream Mapping as a fantastic approach to promote collaboration among your teams and provided a clear roadmap to operational excellence.

Jevon Shirk, President & CEO
New Holland Church Furniture
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We recently had the WM Synergy Center of Excellence team onsite for a Business Process Mapping event as part of our Acumatica ERP implementation project. I would encourage any organization to take this approach with the WM Synergy Center of Excellence team – they had our whole team participating, identifying current challenges, all while planning out our future processes in Acumatica. The manufacturing-specific process knowledge that WM Synergy Center of Excellence brought to the table quickly positioned them not as consultants but as true partners. I’ve managed many ERP project implementations at other organizations and between our Project Kick-off and the Process Mapping, this is the best start to an ERP Implementation Project I’ve experienced – our team is engaged, excited, and ready to change!

Stephen Azaloff, CFO
PrecisionX Group
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As part of our Acumatica ERP Implementation project, WM Synergy’s Center of Excellence team conducted Business Process Mapping during our project kick-off. We are a small family-owned company that values our employees’ input and this Mapping event aligned well with our company culture. During this event, our employees collaboratively shared their current processes, and the Center of Excellence team helped them identify areas of opportunities for an improved future state in Acumatica. If your organization values employee engagement and teamwork and is transitioning to a new ERP system, we highly recommend Business Process Mapping as a value add to your implementation project.

Nathan Deardorff, Product Dev & IT Manager
Century Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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Drilltec decided we needed to reimplement our Infor SyteLine ERP system – we’ve used SyteLine for many years but knew that based on how our organization has grown and changed we needed to take a fresh look at how we were executing our business processes and utilizing the system. We had the WM Synergy Center of Excellence team come onsite for Business Process Mapping; they were knowledgeable in best practice and kept us focused and on track. The event had our team participating in breaking down how we do things today and identifying the issues that need to be addressed to bring our organization to the next level. This was a great way to start our project – not only do we have the processes defined on how we’ll train, test, and use the ERP system, but our team is looking forward to changing the way they do things. I fully recommend this approach to anyone in a similar position.

Phillip Kennedy, Director of IT & Business Systems
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WM Synergy's Center of Excellence team came onsite to help us map out our Purchasing, Inventory, and Planning/Scheduling processes. We knew we weren’t aligned with best practice and were looking for guidance, based on both software and industry expertise, to get us there. I’ve been involved in many mapping sessions throughout my career and the event facilitated by WM Synergy exceeded my expectations. The sessions were well organized and thorough, and our team was engaged, embracing change, and actively involved with defining a future that aligned with best practice. We are looking forward to executing on the provided plan to get our new processes in place. If you know you need to improve your processes, I highly recommend the WM Synergy Center of Excellence Team’s expertise and their Process Reengineering engagements to support you.

Mike Hentges, IT Support
APG Cash Drawer
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We recently engaged the WM Synergy Center of Excellence to facilitate an Everything DiSC Management session. The session was unanimously received as being a very positive event. This program will help this group become better managers as our company grows. Many of this management team will take on more responsibilities over the next year and it is important they are as prepared as possible to ensure the long-term success of the company. I highly recommend working with the WM Synergy Center of Excellence team and the Everything DiSC program to facilitate teamwork at your organization, as well as strengthen your management team.

Eric​​ McAlexander, CEO
HTI Cybernetics, Inc.
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We have engaged WM Synergy’s Center of Excellence in a series of Process Re-Engineering sessions over the course of several months. At Leonard Valve, we have strategic plans to reshape our organization, where the processes haven’t changed in many years, to create a new foundation for growth and efficiency. Engaging WM Synergy to help us streamline our business processes is a fundamental part of this effort. It has not only helped us identify best practice process and ERP utilization for our business model, it has also engaged our employees so they are part of defining the future and looking forward to change and improvements. I can’t recommend this valuable approach or the Center of Excellence team enough.

Chris Maloof, VP Operations
Leonard Valve Company
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We engaged WM Synergy to support us in our shop floor design as we were moving to a new location. By walking through the process, creating spaghetti diagrams, documenting wastes, and brainstorming optimal flows in our new footprint, we were able to map out and implement an optimized shop floor layout. Where we had previously occupied different areas, had starts and stops in our process and some materials stored far away, we now have an incredible layout where you can see the status of the cells at a glance. I highly recommend the WM Synergy Center of Excellence team if you are looking to gain efficiency, reduce floorspace, and have room for growth whether it’s in your existing space or a new space.

Daniel Cooper, COO
Spectronics Corporation
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Joining Industries engaged WM Synergy’s Center of Excellence to conduct Business Process Re-Engineering sessions for our Operations and Financial processes. We knew there were more efficient ways to get from Quote to Cash with our ERP system but needed help to figure out how to get there. We also wanted to make sure our current system was still the right fit for our business. We found the sessions to be extremely valuable – not only did we engage our team in defining our future, but we also came away with a solid plan and strategy to achieve it. We know we are heading in the right direction for our business and the improvements identified will set the stage for our future growth.

Don Anneser, Enterprise Controller
Joining Industries
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We worked with the WM Synergy Center of Excellence team over the course of four days to map out all of our business processes. We currently have one of the largest backlogs in our company's history and needed to reevaluate how we approached all aspects of our operations in order to gain efficiency and speed. We went from wondering if our ERP was the right fit for our business to being confident in what the future holds for us; employees that started out skeptical left feeling like there was light at the end of the tunnel. Deciding to move forward with this event really felt like a leap of faith, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this approach to any organization – while we know we have work ahead of us to put everything in place, we couldn’t be happier with this as the first step of our approach.

Adam Covington, President
Ferry Industries
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WM Synergy educated our company on the value of Lean and the proper execution of Kaizen and ERP optimization. As they facilitated each event, they were teaching our team how to sustain improvements and how to continue the program for years to come. WM Synergy made it clear, they were here to educate, not to direct and that if we were to be successful going forward, we would need to become the experts and take full ownership of the program.

Richard Meisenheimer, President & Second Generation Owner
Spectrum Associates
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We at Spectronics greatly appreciate the help we are getting from WM Synergy. The team assigned to us is incredibly knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with. Most impressive is the change in company culture that has occurred over the time the WM Synergy team has been working with us. We see them as part of the Spectronics team. Now, as we move into the next phase and introduce Lean methodologies into our program, we know our employees are ready to accept change that will lead to more sustainable improvements.

Fred Silverman, Chief Financial Officer
Spectronics Corporation
Video Poster

WM Synergy really stands out in its quality, attentiveness, and competence. No other ERP vendor that I contacted has spent the time and effort with us that WM Synergy did. They delivered both strategic business consulting and an implementation plan that addresses all of our concerns. As a small business manufacturer that is looking to grow significantly in the next five years, I believe that WM Synergy will be a valuable strategic partner.

Elizabeth Keefe, Director of Operations
Howard Glass
Video Poster

The WM Synergy team worked with Innovant employees to improve our business processes and make visible the critical information needed to support data-driven decisions. They also helped us to redeploy and integrate our ERP, Design/Rendering, CRM, and CAD systems in a more effective manner. And today, for the first time ever, we can leverage these systems to monitor key performance indicators, measure progress, report financials, and accurately see detailed costs, which will help Innovant drive more improvement activities well into the future.

Garret Pluck, CEO

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