Harness your data, transform your manufacturing.

We’ll help you improve customer service, increase machine usability by up to 40%, and more by providing visibility into real time operations. This enables you to detect problems early and to predict possible disruptions.

icon Data Analytics That Will Change Your Business

Data Analytics That Will Change Your Business

Today’s new breed of analytical tools employ AI (artificial intelligence) to provide predictive analytics (what will happen) and prescriptive analytics (what should be done to prevent something from happening). Taken together, these analytical capabilities can positively change how you manage your business and enable you to deliver more value to your customers.

icon Access Your Data Anywhere Via a Mobile Device

Access Your Data Anywhere Via a Mobile Device

Your ERP and factory systems form a huge repository of data that can be delivered remotely to support decision making or to simply monitor activity. Our “low code/no code” mobility tools allow end users to design their solutions through easy to use interfaces.

icon Your Customers Will Keep Coming Back

Your Customers Will Keep Coming Back

Our Digital Transformation tools include a robust mobility platform that puts important data at your customers’ finger tips. Building mobile experiences that provide your customers with easy to use data access or tools that simplify buying, will keep them coming back to you instead of your competition.

icon MachineMetrics That Make You Money

MachineMetrics That Make You Money

Our IIoT tools gather every statistic from uptime to downtime codes and part production. In fact, our customers typically find that their utilization prior to using our tools is an average of 29% and that it increases by 30% – 40% when they use our tools. This saves them money by avoiding the cost of purchasing new machines.

The Smart Factory

The Smart Factory is redefining productivity for the 2020’s. We are on the verge of a real paradigm shift that will change everything – the connected employee, the smart factory – where real-time data, connected machines, and predictive capabilities contribute to greater forward motion.

Welcome to the Age of Networked Intelligence.

Watch this video to learn how the Smart Factory has evolved and become the cornerstone of Manufacturing Innovation.

We understand <span>your challenges.</span>

We understand your challenges.

Manufacturing in today’s competitive environment challenges a company at many levels from customer on-time delivery to market developments that continually create expectations for higher service levels. WM Synergy’s broad portfolio of products and services enables us to customize a strategy that will not only address your challenges but bring your company to new levels of growth and profitability.

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