Improve the buying experience.

With Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software, you can sell complex products more quickly from opportunity to close by eliminating costly errors and speeding up the sales cycle. The solution makes CPQ capabilities central to your sales process, which gives your sales reps an enormous competitive advantage and a quicker path from engagement to conversion in your customer journey.

Quote easily and quickly.
icon Turn New Hires Into Product Experts

Turn New Hires Into Product Experts

Empower your sales team to answer questions and provide a quote in 5 to 10 minutes with an easy, guided quoting process, replete with technical specifications that quickly drive your team to desired selections.

icon Show Products in 2D & 3D Models

Show Products in 2D & 3D Models

Infor CPQ integrates with most major CAD systems, which allows you to automatically build & share a configured drawing in 2D or 3D on your proposal.

icon Automated Customer Proposal Creation

Automated Customer Proposal Creation

Instead of taking hours to write proposals, simply insert graphics and/or drawings and paste in terms and conditions. Infor CPQ can generate multi-page professional proposals automatically.

icon Build a Comprehensive Portal

Build a Comprehensive Portal

Dealers, customers, and prospects can build a quote quickly online through an online portal.

icon Accelerate New Product Introductions

Accelerate New Product Introductions

The intuitive design engine allows quick creation of new features, options, and products.

icon Save Time With Rapid Change

Save Time With Rapid Change

If you are configuring multiple items and need to change a characteristic such as color or species, you can do it once and have Infor CPQ update all lines with the new information vs. doing it one-by-one.

How Infor CPQ improves business.
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Infor CPQ helped increase quote volumes and their accuracy, while reducing costs and support from engineering.

Eric Mathias, Director of Engineering and CPQ Project Sponsor
IES Global B.V.
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Besides allowing us to handle significant sales growth without adding resources, it has helped us move to the next level of professionalism in our selling process. We couldn’t be happier with Infor Configure Price Quote.

Tom Evans, VP of Sales
Great Plains Manufacturing

Infor Sales Portal provides our dealers with online quote, order, and status capabilities, which is the key to continuing our steady growth in sales.

Kevin Blansett, General Manager
Quaker Windows & Doors
The impact of CPQ.
45 days
reduction in quote turnaround time
(from 45 days to 15 minutes)
increase in sales on first product line
added to CPQ after just two months

You won’t believe how fast quoting can be.

CPQ’s integrated solution provides a holistic approach to the design, sales, and production of customized products.

  • Built-in rules and constraints make the selection and configuration of even the most complex products intuitive and error-free.
  • Only valid combinations of features, options, and dimensions are created, quoted, and ordered.
  • A rich graphical user interface provides your sales team with all the tools they need to easily tap the solution’s full functionality when working with customers.
  • Identify and select the products that best fit customer needs through attribute/requirement questions, results filtering, and match-ranking capabilities.

Generate Quotes, Orders, BOMs, Proposals, & Drawings

Generate product configuration codes, sales and service information, and manufacturing information such as the bill of material (BOM), routing, and cut sheet for use in manufacturing planning and on the shop floor. Other optional add-on outputs include a 2D or 3D CAD model generation with drawings and thumbnail images, as well as documents such as spec sheets, installation instructions, and warranty information.

Specialize By Industry

Industry-specific functionality for manufacturers and distributors of custom products.

  • Aircraft: Quickly refurbish or produce custom parts for commercial airlines, smaller regional airlines, charter companies, and military organizations as well as private and business aircraft owners.
  • Agricultural Equipment: Increase accuracy to better manage seasonal demand, international competition, and materials costs.
  • Distribution: Enjoy deep support for visual catalog selection, kitting of multi-product solutions and systems as well as the ability to configure orders specific to extensive promotion requirements.
  • Doors and Windows: Profitably manage as promised complexity, while conquering shifts in demand, regional preferences, and the singular challenges of door/window distribution.
  • Fashion Embellishment: Get a handle on your thousands of jewel, embroidery, and fabric combinations and turn them into a competitive strength.
  • Furniture Counter: Compete on price with accuracy and innovation that can help you sell more custom household and office furniture.
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC): Use product configuration to help alleviate energy consumption and refrigerant regulation challenges, whether you’re an HVAC manufacturer or a distributor.
  • Medical Devices: Be more competitive and successfully navigate your product liability, patent, and IP concerns.
  • Plastic fabrication: Increase sales, accuracy, and configured product innovations despite fluctuating crude oil prices and interest rates.
  • Printing and Packaging: Use configure price quote to boost your business, despite declining demand and do-it-yourself alternatives.
  • Pumps and Meters: Perfect your company’s ordering and configuring, while more effectively juggling flow, diameter, and mounting combinations.
  • Vehicles (specialty and marine): Cut your costs and increase sales whether you manufacture fire or rescue vehicles, commercial buses, or marine vehicles.
CPQ designed for your industry.
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Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace, defense, space and security (A&D) industries are major contributors to our economy. They thrive if supported by scalable, industry specific applications. Synergy Resources’ applications and modules aid scientific and engineering talent in cutting-edge A&D industries. Synergy Resources helps you meet your goals faster-even while confronting escalating costs and market complexity.
Learn More
  • Engineering with CAD integration
  • Engineering change control
  • Specifications and data "flow down" for ITAR, DFAR, etc.
  • Actual job costing
  • Project Management with Earned Value Management and milestone reporting
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Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

If you're like most of our equipment manufacturer customers, you compete by selling a complete solution that includes aftermarket services, countless configuration options, and available spare parts. Our solutions have a broad set of capabilities to meet your unique challenges. You'll have the control and visibility you need throughout the entire product lifecycle.
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Gain a competitive edge and extend your aftermarket offerings.
  • Win More Business
  • Meet Customer Delivery Expectations
  • Increase Velocity of Spare Part Sales
  • Collaborate With Suppliers & Customers
  • Leave Your Competitors Behind
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Furniture & Fixtures

Furniture & Fixtures

Today's customers demand that furniture and fixture manufacturers offer new product lines and custom options for existing products on demand. We can help you build speed and flexibility into your engineering and production processes so you can meet expectations.
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  • Industry Expert Partners
  • Increase Quote Win Rate
  • Improve Planning & Scheduling
  • Cut Operational Costs
  • Shorten Product Development Lifecycles
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Electronics & High-Tech

Electronics & High-Tech

As a high tech or electronic manufacturer, you need control over component and finished goods inventory at the revision and tracking number level to efficiently and effectively service customers. Infor VISUAL ERP delivers the supply chain visibility to meet these demands and also offers comprehensive material and capacity planning functionality, which maximizes productivity.
Learn More
  • Alternate item on bill of materials (BOM)
  • Item cross reference (supplier and manufacturer)
  • Approved vendors and manufacturer lists
  • Supply chain visibility with Web based portals
  • Reference designators
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Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing

WM Synergy's Continuous Improvement teams have helped medical device manufacturers to increase productivity both in the office and on the shop floor. Our ERP products enable employees to complete assigned tasks faster and make more products without increasing costs.
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  • End-to-end customer relationship, sales, purchasing, performance, and financial management
  • Estimating with multiple quantity breaks
  • Integrated capacity planning (Lean, TOC, JIT) with unlimited "what-if" scenarios
  • Material planning with real-time visibility of demand and supply
  • Cost control (actual, average, standard)
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Metal, Glass, & Plastic Fabrication

Metal, Glass, & Plastic Fabrication

Our ERPs are purpose-built for MTO, ETO, CTO/ATO, MTS, and mixed-mode manufacturing companies. The end-to-end solutions helps manufacturers like you increase efficiency, accurately manage cost position, meet and exceed customer expectations, and accelerate growth.
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  • Purpose-Built ERP
  • Estimate with Confidence
  • Improve Delivery Performance
  • Paperless Real-Time Shop Floor Data Collection
  • The Right Materials at the Right Time
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Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

As a manufacturer in the specialty vehicle industry, such as boats or emergency vehicles, you need a solution that can quickly respond to unique product configurations and accurately budget and manage actual costs associated with these jobs or projects. Infor ERP is it!
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  • Configuration management
  • Serial and lot control
  • Design and engineering
  • Capacity planning & scheduling (Lean, TOC, JIT)
  • Actual costing