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How to Build a Culture That Cultivates Resilience

How to Build a Culture That Cultivates Resilience

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that resilience is built through adversity; a series of setbacks that challenge our beliefs and help us build new skills to cope with difficulty. In a recent article from Harvard Business Review, The Secret to Building Resilience, the authors argue our ability to be resilient during difficult times can also be influenced by the health of our interpersonal relationships, and not just the ones we have at home.

The article states, “We can nurture and build our resilience through a wide variety of interactions with people in our personal and professional lives. These interactions can help us to shift or push back on work demands and alter the magnitude of the challenge we’re facing. They can help crystalize the meaningful purpose in what we are doing or help us see a path forward to overcome a setback — these are the kinds of interactions that motivate us to persist.”

If having strong relationships can contribute to increased resilience, how can leaders utilize this insight to encourage a positive and engaged organizational culture that prioritizes relationships?

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