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Improving On-Time Delivery Needs a Strategic Approach

Improving On-Time Delivery Needs a Strategic Approach

The Late Problem in Manufacturing

WM Synergy recognizes that manufacturers have spent decades working hard to improve on-time delivery. In many cases, they have periods of success, but it proves to be unsustainable. We also recognize that a reliable fix to the late delivery problem encompasses more than one department, tool, action, or decision. And we are seeing that the current supply chain issues are not making things any easier.

Introducing the Dynamic Production Method

Our clients with sustainable success have achieved this by approaching the delivery challenge through a number of steps that first stabilize, then standardize, then work to improve and provide sustainable improved delivery performance. Our solution typically involves what is known as the “Dynamic Production Method.” It includes people, process, and a technology that can provide visibility to the shop floor conditions while helping to control the flow of material from the planning stage all the way through to delivery.

The “Dynamic Production Method” works to stabilize your shop floor by leveraging technology that allows for “Pragmatic Planning” and the “Proper Pacing” of material and shop floor orders. Collaborating with the people to adjust processes and leverage this technology allows us to stabilize the existing condition. Throughout this phase we leverage “Predictive Prioritization” and work to standardize the process whereby our clients reliably increase their on-time delivery.

A Trusted Partner Can Help You Realize Your Full Potential

Synergy recognizes that without standards, there can be no measurable improvement and with our team of certified Lean / Change Management specialists, we step in to collaborate with our clients to improve productivity, reduce lead-times, and increase profitability.

On-time delivery can be a real competitive advantage. The strategy to accomplish this involves sales, purchasing, supplier collaboration, purchasing, right sizing inventory, and shop floor control. And it is sustainable only when people, process, and technology become a synchronized system of standards that are easily measured and visible at all times.

Don’t go it alone. Reaching out to a trusted partner to realize your full potential has become a natural response for many small to mid-size manufacturing companies. Contact us today to learn how we can help you master on-time delivery!

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