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Industry 4.0 and Lean Manufacturing: A New Era in Manufacturing is Here!

Industry 4.0 and Lean Manufacturing: A New Era in Manufacturing is Here!

The synergies of Lean and Industry 4.0 are bringing the best of both worlds together, and are now being leveraged to increase value-chain, speed manufacturing productivity and business process efficiencies. The fundamental tenant of Lean Manufacturing is continuous improvement. Today, digital technologies are providing manufacturers with instant data for monitoring and identifying root causes within the entire value-chain, from supplier to customer. Now manufacturers can connect generate real-time data and enable software applications with analytics that gives managers process improvement insights, and predict failures before they occur.

Now the Lean world and the digital world are merged!

Streaming data, and the ability to analyze real physical activity in real-time does not compromise Lean’s “visual controls” or “employee engagement”, it significantly enhances them. The cultural identity and philosophy of Lean Manufacturing is in fact compatible with the requirements of digital transformation. The ability to reflect on current processes, and continuously make improvements that ultimately deliver value to the customer is at the very heart of digital transformation, as it is with Lean. Leveraging technology to more directly connect and respond to the customer, more tightly integrating suppliers to reduce costs, while improving the quality of production and service is what Industry 4.0 and Lean enterprise are all about!

Synergy’s Manufacturing Center of Excellence:

Industry 4.0 is not only compatible with Lean Manufacturing, it is practically a direct progression as it enhances the basic tenants of the Lean philosophy. Our customers that have made the transition are quickly leaving the competition behind. Join Synergy for this free webinar and learn how your company can keep pace with this ever changing manufacturing environment and remain both relevant and competitive.

Webinar: Industry 4.0 and Lean Manufacturing: A New Era in Manufacturing is Here!


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