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Infor Business Intelligence – The ideal tool for business decision makers

Infor BI facilitates decision making in an organization by providing decision makers with actionable insights and meaningful information.

Infor Business Intelligence offers the right information, at the right time, to the right individuals. Thus, the organization that uses it can make use of new opportunities that the prompt sharing of information offers and therefore make wiser decisions. The features of our Infor BI include dashboards, operational and financial reporting and analysis, and capabilities of planning, forecasting, budgeting, data mining, role-based analytics and financial consolidation.

The Infor BI offered by Synergy Resources can easily integrate with any data source and application. It can either be used as a standalone application or in conjunction with others.

Some distinct features of Infor BI are as follows:

OLAP Server – BI has an in-built OLAP database for planning, modeling and analyzing things in real time. The OLAP server sends multidimensional data into the modeling process for enhancing “what-if?” scenarios as well as driver-based planning. In addition to bringing about better business decisions, this feature makes the decision makers confident in dealing with any exigencies.

Office Plus – Infor BI has a Microsoft Excel interface integrated into it. This helps its users by enabling advanced reporting and sophisticated analysis for optimizing key processes and improving collaboration. Office Plus does not require any help from IT and it can be used for creating sophisticated reports, producing custom templates, and adapting standard ones for incorporating design elements.

Application Studio – The studio offers an online front end for visualizing data including analysis, reports, data entry and dashboards. Users do not need any programing skills for creating, reporting and planning interfaces.

Business Analytics – This particular feature offers industry-based and role-based reports, key performance indicators, dashboards and analytics to business users throughout an enterprise.

Planning – This feature of our Infor Business Intelligence facilitates planning, budgeting and forecasting. Infor BI Planning can successfully handle specialized plans that need huge multidimensional structures covering thousands of items. Along with the OLAP server, Infor BI can be handled efficiently for superior performance and it can also be used for making on-the-go calculations of KPIs, aggregations, what-if scenarios, etc.

Consolidation – As the name suggests, this feature helps in consolidating different processes, which include the closing of books, business combinations, financial reporting and others. The navigation feature of Infor BI Consolidation enables streamlining of activities such as entering, reconciling, calculation of currency conversions, and consolidation of company data.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Infor BI has several others that make it an ideal business tool for those entrusted with making key decisions in an organization.

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

WM Synergy Online Workshops provide an advanced, cost-effective, and efficient way to support employee training and development needs. Our courses are instructor-led interactive sessions that enable our customers to collaborate with peers and experts via web-delivered sessions.