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Innovant engages Synergy’s Strategic Business Services Group…

Innovant engages Synergy’s Strategic Business Services Group…


World-class office furniture company, Innovant, engages Synergy’s Strategic Business Services Group for an operational business assessment and realizes measurable business improvements. 

Written by Garrett Pluck, CEO of Innovant

Faced with many of the same challenges manufacturing companies experience today, we reached out to Mike Canty and the Synergy Strategic Business Services Group to conduct an operational business assessment. The assessment performed by the Synergy SBS Group gave visibility to our company’s strengths and weaknesses and allowed us to clearly “see the big picture”. The assessment “findings and recommendations” report also assisted us in effectively prioritizing the improvement opportunities identified and outlined a phased approach that would allow us to realize our true potential.

The Synergy SBS Group then worked closely with our company to execute the program and facilitate several major projects that provided measurable improvements along the journey. The shop floor Kaizen activity helped to free up space and improve productivity. But perhaps even more important, the method in which the Lean program was deployed effectively trained employees to think and act differently and in a way where we are capable of sustaining the improvements while using the “lessons learned” to continue improvement activities.  Our warehouse Kaizen activity helped to free up additional space and provided us with a foundation to continuously improve the business.

The Synergy SBS Group concurrently worked with Innovant employees to improve our business processes and make visible the critical information needed to support “data driven decisions”. This was aided by the fact they helped us redeploy and integrate our ERP, Design/Rendering, CRM and CAD systems in a more effective manner. And today, for the first time ever, we can leverage these systems to monitor key performance indicators, measure progress, report financials and accurately see detailed costs which will help Innovant drive more improvement activities well into the future.

Today our company is confident in its ability to understand our customers’ needs, engineering a solution that meets their needs and deliver what they want, when they want it, with the highest level of quality.

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Garrett Pluck is the CEO of Innovant and a member of the ownership team. Innovant, Inc. is a privately held World-Class company with cooperate offices in New York, New York. Innovant operates in the Office Furniture business / industry within the Furniture and Fixtures sector. For more than twenty years, Innovant has been dedicated to the development of open plan work stations for a variety of environments and vertical markets from trading rooms to collaborative office work space. The Innovant differentiator is our knowledge, experience, willingness to provide tailored engineered solutions and our ability to manufacture and deliver what our customers want.



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Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

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