Workshop Topic:
Device Calibration is a method of confirming your measuring and monitoring devices are providing accurate readings by comparing them to a known standard. Not only is this best practice, but is required by most Quality Management System standards.

Why Use:
The device calibration module of IQM allows you to setup data records for all of your calibrated devices, including calibration frequency and next due date tracking. Records of calibration can be linked to the device, whether to record that an external calibration has occurred or to track the details of an internal calibration. In addition to calibration records, users can also track
location, status, serial number, warranty, and bought from information.

Workshop Description (1.5 hours):
During this session, you will learn how to create Devices, including setting up Device Types. In addition, the trainer will walk you through the creation of calibration records. Your instructor will spend up to 30 minutes reviewing the training material, which will be made available to you at the end of the session. The remaining time will be dedicated to hands on practice within the IQM Device section.

Who Should Attend:
Quality staff will benefit from this training.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop attendees should be able to set up and track device calibrations through the IQM module.

Workshop Prerequisite:
This is a hands-on workshop. Attendees should have working knowledge of the IQM system. Attendees must also have security rights and access to a recent copy of their restored IQM database.

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