Workshop Topic:
Nonconformance management (NCM) is a process designed to manage nonconformances. A nonconformance is the occurrence of a problem with a process or product. Corrective Action Request (CAR) is the process you initiate to respond to an identified nonconformance through root cause analysis.

Why Use:
The nonconformance module allows you to collect details related to the nonconformance record electronically, while at the same time providing a workflow for NCM Disposition. The correct module affords the benefit of resolving current and potential quality issues through standard problem solving methodology, which ultimately will prevent costly mishaps from reaching the consumer.

Workshop Description (2 hours):
During this session, you will learn how to set up nonconformance types; subjects and reasons. Attendees will enter and complete the nonconformance process followed by the creation of a linked corrective action. Your instructor will spend up to 30 minutes reviewing the training material, which will be made available to you at the end of the session. The remaining time will be dedicated to setting up the database for nonconformance and corrective action creation.

Who Should Attend:
Quality staff will benefit from this training.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop attendees should be able to set up and track nonconformances and corrective actions through the IQM module.

Workshop Prerequisite:
This is a hands-on workshop. Attendees should have working knowledge of the VISUAL ERP and IQM systems. Attendees must also have security rights and access to a recent copy of their restored Visual and IQM databases. These databases must be functionally exchanging data.

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