Workshop Topic:
This workshop shows you how simple it is to setup Material Auto Issue for creating automated Inventory Transactions, as well as combining this activity with Labor Backflush.

Why Use:
Having the defined amount of material automatically issued to your Work Orders upon Operation completion or Labor completion saves time and reduces overhead. This can be particularly useful for material that is stored at point of use and picked by the individuals doing the work.

Workshop Description (1.5 hours):
This workshop will walk through the required setup and triggers to execute Material Auto Issue at the indication of Quantity Complete during a labor transaction. It will also explore the setup required for labor backflush in combination with Material Auto Issue.

Who Should Attend:
Those responsible for Supply Chain Personnel, Inventory Personnel, Production Managers, and Inventory Transaction Personnel.

Learning Objectives:
You will learn how to understand when it is beneficial to utilize Material Auto Issue and Labor Backflush, and how to set up and execute.

Workshop Prerequisite:
A basic understanding of VISUAL Inventory Transactions. Have access and security rights to a recently backed up copy in a Live database in a Test database environment.

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