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Secure Your Shipments: What UPS’s OAuth 2.0 Compliance Means for Your Business

Secure Your Shipments: What UPS’s OAuth 2.0 Compliance Means for Your Business

A Critical Update

In the ever-evolving world of logistics and shipping technology, staying ahead of technological advancements is not just an option—it’s a necessity. At WM Synergy, we’re committed to ensuring our systems and services remain at the forefront of industry standards, which is why we are proactively addressing the upcoming transition of UPS APIs to OAuth 2.0 compliance.

Understanding the Transition

United Parcel Service (UPS) has announced a significant update to its API technology. By June 3, 2024, all UPS APIs will require OAuth 2.0 compliance to maintain connectivity. This change is set to enhance the security and efficiency of API interactions, ensuring safer data handling and smoother operations for all users.

The Risks of Staying Behind

The shift to OAuth 2.0 compliance is an essential upgrade that impacts numerous aspects of shipping operations. Functions like rate fetching, shipment creation, and tracking will be affected if not updated. Notably, some TMS providers have opted out of upgrading their systems to meet these new standards, potentially leaving their clients disconnected from these critical UPS services.

WM Synergy’s Proactive Solution

WM Synergy has anticipated these changes and is ready to support our customers through this transition. In partnership with RateLinx, a leader in shipping technology solutions, we are prepared to offer an advanced, compliant service that ensures uninterrupted access to all UPS functionalities. This partnership allows our customers to continue leveraging UPS’s capabilities without missing a beat.

Stay Connected and Competitive

For our customers who rely on seamless logistics and operational continuity, this is more than just a technological upgrade—it’s a strategic advantage! We strongly encourage all our customers to reach out to our Customer Care team at customercare@wm-synergy.com to learn more about how this transition could affect your business and how WM Synergy and RateLinx can help facilitate a smooth and efficient transition. Act now to future-proof your logistics solutions and stay ahead of the competition!

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