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Synergy Resources: Helping you Understand ERP Better

ERP software has been in use by businesses of all sizes that cater to a wide range of domains. For decades, business leaders across the world have leveraged the software to ensure optimum operational efficiency, to bring down overhead and to maintain their competency in the market. In particular, mid-sized companies can benefit a lot from an ERP system. Let us see how!

Modern ERP systems add value to an organization by:

Enhanced Productivity – The routine, repetitive manual tasks in a business manufacturing process can be automated to reduce the wastage of time, resources and rework instances. With automated tasks, day-to-day operations can be streamlined to be completed in a shorter time span. Organizations with a well-managed workflow can invest their time and resources to bring about even more efficiency in their system.

Seamless cross-functional operations – Many times, business units continue to run redundant, disjointed and fragmented processes across various internal verticals. Each vertical is limited in its capacity to collaborate with other departments and in its information sharing. However, with ERP project management software in place, seamless multi-department workflow can be implemented.

Real-time data ready for business analytics – With each department maintaining its set of manually collated data and spreadsheets, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to collaborate data and compare it across various functions. ERP software automates all reports and anyone who wants to see them can do so at a glance in real time. This makes decision making more controlled and easy; saving the precious time of management. Also, the possibility of manual errors is no more a thing to worry about!

Lowered operational costs – Unutilized or wrongly spent time and resources are equivalent to wasted money! Today, more and more businesses are partnering with Synergy Resources to go “lean”. Lean principles include increasing efficiency and keeping redundant tasks to a minimum. Overlapping back office operations are streamlined to ensure the maximum and appropriate utilization of resources. Mid-size companies can drastically reduce their operational costs by going “lean”.

Improved project management – A lot of ERP systems on the market are comprised of pre-defined reporting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), executive dashboards and other tools. These help a business enhance its strategic planning potential through an easy objective-setting process and by monitoring achievements.

In case you are looking forward to ERP selection and implementation for your business, the consultants at Synergy Resources are always ready to guide you. We will ensure a smooth transition for your business with our extensive support.

Many business leaders are often influenced by some myths about ERP software and become wary of this model. However, these are just that – myths! Let us see what some commonly held misconceptions about ERP project management software is.

ERP software is a “one size fits all” solution – To set the record straight, we can say that nearly all ERP solutions may have some core functions; but the nitty-gritty of each software can be aligned to suit your business type. Let’s say that you and your rival both use the same project management software; but your ERP software would have unique modules, workflows and other customized configurations. Synergy Resources strives to offer you customized ERP implementation options.

ERP implementation partners are just business “shops” – Connect with us to see the difference on your own. We are with our clients at every stage of implementing the project management software. Be it planning, testing, implementation or ongoing support; we are always prepared to walk the talk with you.

ERP solutions are a costly affair – In the long run, the cost of not implementing ERP for your business will definitely turn out to be much more… and in vain!
Our team is right here to help you understand your ERP needs and plan out a unique implementation strategy that will work out best for your business.

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

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