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The Undeniable Impact of Project Management in the Age of Digital Transformation

The Undeniable Impact of Project Management in the Age of Digital Transformation

Laying the Digital Foundation

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are more committed than ever to transformation initiatives to build or sustain competitive advantages, achieve operational improvements, and/or improve products and services for their customers. Projects are the vehicles that help organizations build and deliver these digital solutions; however, the significance of project management in achieving these changes is often underestimated. At WM Synergy, we firmly believe that successful project implementations start with the right project management support layered in and are a cornerstone for any digital transformation journey. Here’s why…

Managing Projects in a Digital World

Projects are the building blocks of transformation—small or large, simple or complex, they enable businesses to move from their current state to a more desired future state. The adherence to project management best practices becomes not just important but critical, especially in today’s digital transformation landscape.

Why So?

Digital transformation is not just about implementing new technologies but also about the shift in business processes, organizational culture, and end-user experiences. All these intricacies make project management crucial.

Driving Customer Success: The WM Synergy Way

WM Synergy is committed to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. How are we supporting our clients in their transformation journeys? Here are some key initiatives our Project Management team has undertaken:

  • Plan with Precision – We’ve standardized our project plans with templates as best practice starting points that embody years of industry best practices. This means your projects begin on a proven framework.
  • Strong Starters – Our enhanced starter kits equip customer teams with all they need to partner successfully with us right from the get-go, and place emphasis on being truly ready to jump start the work efforts outlined in the plan.
  • Clarity in Contracts – Our documented delivery contracts outline expectations, processes, and methodologies required from both organizations for a project to be successful.
  • Point of Contact – Every customer project is assigned a dedicated Point of Contact (POC) at WM Synergy who ensures smooth and efficient execution.
  • Communication is Key – We’ve elevated our communication game. Our frequent project reviews, regular status reports, and real-time access to the Zoho Project Management tool keeps everyone informed and aligned throughout the lifecycle of the engagement.
  • Metrics-Driven Approach – Implementation of key KPIs allows us to proactively identify and mitigate any potential project risks or delays.
  • Streamlined Billing – Our ‘level billing’ approach ensures that you are not surprised with unexpected project management costs during the course of the project.
  • And Much More – From integrating real-time data in our new Customer Portal to working on personal team insights, we’re continually refining our approach to bring value add support and our collective experience across our customer implementations to your engagement.

Future-Proofing Our Teams

In line with our commitment to project excellence, all our Project Managers will be certified as PMP Professionals by Q1 2024. We are committed to continual investments in our service practitioners to support your organization’s ongoing digital transformation efforts.

Real Results, Real Testimonies

Our VISUAL teams have already assisted over 60 successful VISUAL ERP go-lives this year. Whether it’s a new implementation or a complex Cloud Migration project, we’ve been there, done that successfully.

Take it from one of our practitioners firsthand:
“The new approach at WM Synergy doesn’t just make project management efficient; it makes it a part of our organizational DNA,” says Mark Wilson, a Senior WM Synergy Project Manager.

Leadership perspective:
“We listen closely to our customers, and top of mind when entering into a project is cost, timeline, and dependable outcomes. Our project managers work closely with our customers from start to finish to land our projects successfully, and the partnerships we form through projects with our customers carries on long past the effort,” says Brent Blackmon, a WM Executive Vice President.

Final Thoughts

The importance of project management in digital transformation cannot be emphasized enough. It’s not an option, but a necessity for achieving transformation goals. At WM Synergy, we take this responsibility seriously and continuously strive to provide our clients with stellar project management services to ensure successful outcomes.

If you have any project needs, we would love to hear from you. Reach out to us and let’s transform together!

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