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The Way to Strike the Right Chord of Quality, Throughput and Profit

Is your manufacturing business well-equipped to meet the complex, order-driven product scheduling? If your answer is “yes”, then without a tinge of doubt, your business is well on course for optimum productivity and profitability. In that case, your company must have the manufacturing capacity built around excellent scheduling.

It means that your business is not based on the flawed assumption of infinite scheduling that is done by numerous organizations. However, you still need to ask yourself whether your production process includes flaws that your current manufacturing ERP software may have overlooked.

Such flaws can easily lead to unreliable planning, production delays and higher overhead cost. If you are sure that your organization is free from all these blemishes, then it can cope with the stream of unexpected demands by taking on business contingencies with great preparation.

The Evolution Called “VISUAL Manufacturing ERP”

In the 1960s-1980s, the production system primarily revolved around inventory/management control, material requirement planning (MRP) and manufacturing requirement planning. Later in the 1990s, the concept of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) brought about a drastic change in the approach.

Now, in the current era, this evolution has gone further with the introduction of VISUAL ERP systems, which is a multi-module application software. This software integrates business activities across functional departments in order to perform flawlessly.

So far you may have run your manufacturing business successfully through software that has provided a reasonable operational efficiency. You need to verify whether your production system is well-managed in terms of the inventory level, the span of human resources and maintenance requirements.

The above-mentioned areas should function seamlessly in an integrated manner to reach optimum operational efficiency. Hence, if you think your Enterprising Resource Planning (ERP) software is lagging in this aspect, the VISUAL ERP system offered by Synergy Resources (https://wm-synergy.com) can provide the right solution.

Why Going “VISUAL” is the Way

The reason is simple.

VISUAL ERP provides real-time, actionable data through excellent graphic presentations that can help you make effective production schedules, pricing and product delivery.

This ERP can effectively carry out visual management of the value stream containing the control of batch size, work standardization, leveling production and so on. These are possible due to fast and easy-to-understand information visibility.

Business modeling and system configuration have never been so easy due to drag-and-drop customization features. The graphical display can give you complete control over quality, which is fully integrated with manufacturing. Moreover, your company’s revenues can be increased significantly without adding overhead costs.

For more information on VISUAL manufacturing ERP, visit https://wm-synergy.com/products/visual-erp/

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Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

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