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Calling all ERP Consultants: Here’s the 411 on Acumatica

Calling all ERP Consultants: Here’s the 411 on Acumatica

The Evolution of Business Management Technology

Business management technology has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years. A decade ago, players like NetSuite and Sage were the most obvious choice for midmarket ERP consultants to bring to the table for their clients. Today, we really must consider the powerhouse players that are rapidly taking over the cloud ERP industry, and Acumatica is at the top of that list.

The World’s Fastest Growing Cloud ERP Company

Acumatica is recognized as the world’s fastest growing business management suite. With close to 10,000 customers worldwide, it is an ERP company that is popping up in the solution toolbox of ERP consultants everywhere for a number of very good reasons. The core of the system is financials and accounting and customers add on other functionality as needed, such as inventory management, production management, or warehouse management. The product is well-known for it’s user friendliness and ease of use, as well as it’s flexibility to allow for customization and configuration at minimal cost.

Important Differentiators

One of the clearest differentiators between Acumatica and other ERP vendors is their unlimited user licensing model. This licensing model allows businesses to give access to anyone and everyone who needs to use the system to obtain critical data, such as power users, day to day employees, and even 3PLs or vendors who want access via a connected portal. Acumatica customers report the unlimited user licensing model to be extremely growth-friendly and complementary to scaling with their business.

Another significant difference of Acumatica as a software provider is their genuine interest in customer success. Acumatica released their customer bill of rights in 2018 to ensure customers are protected from poor business practices often exuded from other ERP providers. One of the key points in this bill of rights is yearly price protection. Some notable items are the commitment to transparent and fair pricing without the need for long-term agreements, as well as true ownership of your own data, now and in the future.

Cross-Industry Functionality

Acumatica is also well-known for their deep cross-industry functionality. Many post-Covid 19 business models have shifted to open up new streams of revenue. Companies that were historically manufacturing-only are now moving to distribute and service their products. Distributors that have sold through large retailers are realizing the benefits of selling online. Businesses are evolving, and they now demand flexibility. They demand software that does not constrain them from (or penalize them for) entering new markets, and Acumatica is a prime contender for this need. Acumatica’s single product spans across multiple industries – Distribution, Manufacturing, Construction, Retail-Commerce, and Field Service. Many software vendors require third party applications to be bolted-on to the software to fit these various industries. Acumatica’s cross-industry workflows allow for seamless data flows across different industry modules, reducing the need for expensive integrations and add-ons and reducing total cost of ownership over time.

Technology & Innovation 

Technology and innovation remain at the heart of each release of the Acumatica software. You will see a new release of the Acumatica software every 6 months, and each release is jam-packed with new features. One of the prime focus areas as of late for Acumatica has been with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. We can all relate to the headache of manually entering expense receipts or AP bills. Acumatica has embedded artificial intelligence tools that will scan expense receipts or AP bills via image recognition, capture the fields, and automatically create the associated documents in the ERP for us. We are seeing reduced processing time of between 20-40% in these areas as a result of these machine learning tools.

Choosing the Right ERP Partner

If you are considering presenting Acumatica to a client, it’s important that you know Acumatica only goes to market through Value Added Resellers (VARs). So when you decide to bring Acumatica to the table for your client, you will also have to choose which VAR partner to work with. WM Synergy is a Gold Certified Acumatica partner with 28 years of success in the manufacturing and distribution industry. We deeply understand the challenges being faced in these industries and are confident in our approach to help realize efficiencies from the shop floor to the back office. WM Synergy also offers services to our clients that allow for significant cost savings over time, such as fixed fee implementations and even subscriptions for post-implementation support. Beyond that, Synergy is proud of our 98% customer retention rate across our 1,200 customers, exemplifying our strong track record and extensive list of references.

WM Synergy Partners with ERP Consultants & SMBs

If you are an ERP Consultant considering bringing Acumatica into your toolkit, or a business who is considering Acumatica as your ERP, WM Synergy would love to help. You can find my contact information below and feel free to reach out to me directly at any time.

Jessica Gadbois | Acumatica Practice Director | Jessica.Gadbois@wm-synergy.com

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