Which Deployment Option is Right for You?

At WM Synergy, we realize the deployment method of your ERP system is just as crucial as the software selection. Therefore, we are committed to offering and supporting a variety of deployment options for our software solutions.



Opting for an on-premise deployment means that your software operates on internal servers located at sites you control. Your system, team, and procedures are integrated via your internal IT infrastructure, and you manage your security protocols internally. With on-premise deployment, your IT team also oversees upgrades. Organizations commonly select on-premise deployment when they prefer to store their data internally, when they prefer their IT team to maintain their systems, or if specific clients or partners require it.

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<span>Hosted/Private SaaS</span>

Hosted/Private SaaS

With nearly 20 years of experience, Apptrix Cloud services empower you to focus on your business, providing secure, optimal ERP system performance. Our unique “Private SaaS” model allows ERP software operation on a single tenant server, setting us apart from typical multi-tenant configurations. As your needs shift, our offering enables scalability, freeing IT resources and removing the need for on-premise maintenance. This keeps you technologically current, enhances agility, and lowers the total cost of ownership.


<span>Infor Muti-Tenant SaaS</span>

Infor Muti-Tenant SaaS

Designed for on-demand access to the cloud in a shared infrastructure but each tenant’s data is contained in their own database. Uses the latest cloud platform technology along with full automation of cloud services – provisioning, monitoring and testing. The multi-tenant model guarantees high availability, zero-footprint (HTML5 interface), and maintenance-free operation. Continuous updates via a single software version eliminate intrusive upgrades. Leveraging built-in industry expertise and resources from partner AWS, Infor CloudSuite enables faster, configuration-based implementation, surpassing traditional on-premise solutions.


<span>Infor GovCloud SaaS</span>

Infor GovCloud SaaS

Infor’s Government SaaS meets FedRAMP’s moderate impact requirements and aligns with AWS GovCloud compliance standards, including ITAR, CJIS, Department of Defense Impact Levels 2 and 4, HIPAA, and NIST 800-53. Infor CloudSuite employs a multi-layered “defense-in-depth” strategy, safeguarding data at each stage and ensuring high solution availability. These security controls are enforced by a team of specialists who are constantly monitoring and enhancing their security stance to stay ahead of potential threats.


<span>Acumatica Multi-Tenant SaaS</span>

Acumatica Multi-Tenant SaaS

Acumatica’s multi-tenant SaaS solution is an enterprise tool hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Multi-tenancy allows multiple businesses to share the same application, with each tenant’s data and configurations kept separate. This not only optimizes resource usage but also reduces costs. Acumatica offers streamlined operations, unmatched security, and the convenience of automatic updates. By combining the capabilities of Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform with AWS’s reliable infrastructure, this solution is ideal for growth-driven businesses, providing a scalable and secure environment without the extensive IT overhead.