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Canadian Manufacturers Booming With ERP Implementations

Canadian Manufacturers is booming. It’s clear from the volume of new ERP implementations.
Over the past few months Synergy Resources has welcomed a virtual cornucopia of new Canadian customers (eg Powersonic, Atlantic Ind, B&R Machine, RDH, Vecture Ind.and more).

That drives the quantity of Canadian manufacturers using VISUAL to over 500 and establishes it as the most popular ERP system within the Country. Having VISUAL’s Canadian support/implementation team in Toronto, ON certainly increases the tool’s attraction. VISUAL has always been an industry leader for mixed-mode, and engineer to order manufacturers, where new advancements can be added as needed. The diversity and industry of said new VISUAL customers, really forces that point home.
Underlying Visual’s support for manufacturing is it’s innovative, easy-to-use interface from where the tool takes its name. VISUAL allows the user to graphically build queries, identify work order actions, and intuitively visualize obstacles in the process. Visual’s unique metaphor for displaying the product’s definition, allows immediate data access to any Work Order, Quote or Master template details. Visual also features familiar Microsoft productivity attributes like ‘one click integration to Excel’, Microsoft Outlook Task Integration and Sharepoint.
Ontario-based Powersonic is a custom wire harness contractor targeting all segments of the industrial connectivity solution industry. They chose Visual over Epicor 9, SAP and MS Dynamics, finding VISUAL’s unique combination of ease of use and robust functionality incredibly comfortable.
“Due to the nature of our business, we have to respond quickly to customer changes in engineering, order quantity and delivery times,” said Jason Rampersaud, Powersonic President. “We don’t have time to reinvent the wheel with our software. When we started this process, we were looking for a solid, stable ERP that will provide instantaneous data access. VISUAL certainly fits the bill.”
Atlantic Ind., head quartered in New Brunswick, is a multi-site steel fabricator and manufacturer of steel bridge components as well as steel pipe. Atlantic plans to increase efficiency and eliminate information silos with their new VISUAL ERP system. Even though Syspro and Dynamics NAV demonstrated some ‘very nice to have’ features, Visual’s manufacturing-specific nature and complete integration made the decision easy.
“We manufacturer various steel bridge components for Govt. and Commercial projects, and no two jobs are identical,” said Wendy Alder, Corporate Financial Manager for Atlantic Ind. “VISUAL is very intuitive so we expect our users to start using Visual without a lot of training. Our Operation Manager was impressed with the ability to glance at the screen and easily understand and manage the details of each project.”
B&R Machine of Mississauga, Ontario, is a machine shop of metal parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry, subcontracting to major corporations like Boeing, and Bombardier. Regulatory certifications include ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100B. Theydecided on Visual over Epicor 9, Job Boss and Dynamics NAV asthey needed a system that was designed for custom manufacturing and scheduling and as well could provide advanced aerospace centric features such a cradle to grave lot traceability and a complete QA system.
“VISUAL is more powerful at Scheduling than other system I’ve seen,” said Mike Phung, B&R Machine Production Manager. “I’ve used Dynamics NAV and Syspro and those systems are fine for accounting and distribution. However VISUAL’s unique Scheduling board and Manufacturing screens are much more manufacturing friendly. We also visited a VISUAL customer in Ontario (Nelson Ind.) which really helped. The fact that there are hundreds of other Canadian manufacturers using it made our decision very comfortable.”
RDH (Rick’s Diesel) is an ETO mining equipment manufacturer located outside of Sudbury, ON. After extensively reviewing MS Dynamics NAV, they found VISUAL to be exactly what they were looking for. VISUAL’s intuitive and graphical display of its Bill of Manufacture was immediately familiar to RDH’s team.
Vecture Ind is a Contract electronics manufacturer, head-quartered in Concord, ON. With expertise in precision engineer to order manufacturing, Vecture’s investigation into ERP software was not an easy task. Every other system they scrutinized, came up short, especially against their stringent electronic manufacturing needs. After analyzing many ERPs including Epicor 9, Intuitive ERP and MAX, they felt most at ease with VISUAL’s capabilities, such as reference designators, internal part number cross reference to Mfg part number and more.
Vecture demanded advanced requirements such as Total Quality Management and Shop Scheduling, and none of the other ERPs reviewed came even close to what VISUAL provided out of the box. .
A real attraction for the small-to-midsized manufacturer is VISUAL’s rapid implementation time, (usually three to six months), and since customers only need buy components as needed a rapid return on investment. Visual includes advanced features such as advanced planning and scheduling (APS), actual costing (FIFO), quality management (TQM), customer relationship management (CRM), time and attendance (T&A) and business intelligence dashboards (BI).
In addition to small-to-mid size manufacturers, Visual is also deployed at plants and divisions of some of the world’s largest corporations such as L-3 Communications, Goodrich Aerospace, Boeing, Olympus, Hitachi and many more. These organizations have turned to Visual, stabilizing their Costing, Quality and Scheduling business needs, which their corporate Tier One applications could not economically match.
With this cross-Country tidal wave of new VISUAL adopters, the economic outlook for Canadian manufacturers indeed looks so bright. So bright we might have to wear shades. 🙂

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