Workshop Topic:
VISUAL comes with hundreds of standard reports and forms. Frequently, users want to personalize these reports and forms to fit their needs.

Why Use:
You can use Centura Report Builder to modify VISUAL reports. With Centura Report Builder, you can modify report templates to design, test, print, and manage your documents.

Workshop Description (2 hours):
During this session, attendees will learn the requirements of how to work with Centura Report Builder to make modifications to existing forms and reports. It encompasses everything from software registration through Publishing Reports and includes examples of formulas and functions along with extended queries. Knowledge of SQL select statements is required for extended queries.

Who Should Attend:
MIS and IT team members, VISUAL Power Users.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop attendees will be able to make simple modifications to VISUAL forms and reports (QRP’s).

Workshop Prerequisite:
Attendees must have a recent copy of their DB restored to a test environment. This environment must be accessible by both the instructor and attendees. Attendees should have computers with access to the restored back-up, as indicated above, projector
and projector screen or a video monitor large enough for all attendees to see.

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