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Do You Need a Productivity Boost to Overcome Labor Shortages?

Do You Need a Productivity Boost to Overcome Labor Shortages?

Do you need a productivity boost to overcome labor shortages?

If you find yourself saying “we don’t have any time to make improvements”, then you are like many of our customers suffering from a shortage of human resources. Over the next decade, the United States will face a labor shortage of 2 million jobs according to research from Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute. Postponing the inevitable is not a strategy.

Synergy’s Center of Excellence has developed a series of 1-day events that gain back time lost in less than 1 week. Contact Customer Care to schedule a more detailed discussion with our Lean experts about your organization’s current challenges and how Synergy’s 1-Day Lean Kaizen event may help!

Want to know how you can boost productivity in a critical business area by as much as 30% in a single day?

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the 1-Day Lean Kaizen and other Synergy solutions can help you with your current labor shortages.

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