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Is the Game Too Long? Why it’s Important to Implement Your ERP Solution On-Time.

Is the Game Too Long? Why it’s Important to Implement Your ERP Solution On-Time.

Lately, the increasing length of playing a Major League Baseball game has become an issue. The average time of an MLB game has risen to a record 3 hours, 5 minutes and 11 seconds in 2017. Some say it’s a result of extra time spent between pitches, others say it’s due to the addition of instant replay. Whatever the reason, MLB is right to be worried about the effect of ever-longer games on its fan’s enthusiasm, loyalty and retention.

At Synergy Resources, we understand the concern. We’ve implemented hundreds of ERP solutions. We’ve learned from experience that it’s important to keep the implementation game plan on target. Timeliness is crucial to both maintaining end user support and harvesting the expected payback for the project.

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Strategic consultant Bob Wotherspoon says the key to a timely implementation is to begin with a well-defined problem statement. “What are we looking to improve in the business? Who will be involved in the project? What are the metrics we can use to measure and track progress?” stated Bob. “We want the implementation to be definable. We don’t want an open-ended statement that could make the project drag on for years,” he said.

Bob said that it’s useful to scale the level of technical support services to the company’s unique needs. “Depending on the level of support services the customer selects, we can predict how long it will take to implement the software,” said Bob. “Let’s say we expect the project to take five months. You can believe that we’ll get it done in five months. In fact, we have data proving that we complete ERP projects on time 97% of the time,” affirmed Bob.

End users shouldn’t be made to feel like spectators sitting in the hot sun, anxiously waiting for the next pitch. Whether the goal of the ERP project is to improve on-time shipping to customers, decrease lead times, or something else, completing the project on time and within budget is important to the customer. “You have to complete the project swiftly,” said Bob. Anything that takes too long won’t generate enthusiasm because people haven’t seen the results. And when the project loses momentum, the company doesn’t get the expected benefits from its investment,” Bob continued.

Improving an existing system is an uncomfortable experience for many people because their familiar work habits may have to change. End users need to see how the new system can empower them to contribute more to your business’ success. For that reason, trust between the implementation consulting team and your employees matters.

“We build trust by being honest with the customer,” said Matt Morgan, Director of New Implementations at Synergy Resources. “We explain that people’s jobs are going to change – but they will change for the better. Certain responsibilities may be eliminated but end users will be empowered to do more value-added work. That means employees can increase their individual value to the company. And collectively, everyone can enhance their job security by helping the company improve its competitive position,” explained Matt.

Don’t let the game drag on too long. Play ball with an ERP implementation partner who can prove their success. Your business deserves to reap the benefits of its ERP investment.

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Authored by:
Thomas M. Birdwell, III

Birdwell International

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Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

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