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Improving Operational Efficiency and Machine Health with MachineMetrics

Improving Operational Efficiency and Machine Health with MachineMetrics

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 | 12 PM – 1 PM EST

Register for the third session of our “Digital Transformation for Manufacturers” webinar series: Improving Operational Efficiency and Machine Health with MachineMetrics.

Future sessions will feature additional best of breed products and expert recommendations on how to leverage your VISUAL data to help identify new and profitable lines of business, while enhancing the current and future customers’ experience.

– Do you know what’s happening on your shop floor right now?
– Do you know how efficiently your machines are running?
– Do you know what the main source of downtime is?
– How does your business stack up against the competition?

Synergy Resources is excited to announce an expansion of our service offerings through a partnership with MachineMetrics, manufacturing’s leading machine monitoring and predictive analytics platform. MachineMetrics will be Synergy’s toolbox for manufacturing analytics to help customers make the data-driven decisions that improve their efficiency and bottom line.

MachineMetrics’ award-winning Industry 4.0-ready solutions work out-of-the-box to increase equipment productivity and efficiency through connectivity to any modern or legacy machine tool, providing real-time visibility, deep manufacturing analytics and AI driven predictive and prescriptive alerts. By simplifying Industrial IoT, MachineMetrics is enabling manufacturers to digitize and drive decisions with machine data.

Right now, hundreds of manufacturers are using the MachineMetrics platform to measure and analyze the performance of thousands of machines across their global factories. Their solutions are providing the necessary real-time visibility into production, automatically recommending ways to improve performance, warning shop floor workers of pending problems, even predicting maintenance events to reduce unplanned and costly outages.

In this webinar, MachineMetrics will introduce their platform to the Synergy community and discuss how their solutions can help you:

  • Visualize your manufacturing data
  • Track OEE and production efficiency
  • Identify production bottlenecks
  • Take action with real-time notifications
  • Measure process improvements
  • And enhance shop floor communication


Unable to join the live webinar? Register anyway and we’ll send you the recording. 

Or contact us to request a private demo.

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

Looking for online sessions to help with training and development?

WM Synergy Online Workshops provide an advanced, cost-effective, and efficient way to support employee training and development needs. Our courses are instructor-led interactive sessions that enable our customers to collaborate with peers and experts via web-delivered sessions.