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Industry 4.0: Harness the Power of Machine Data to Drive ERP Optimization

Industry 4.0: Harness the Power of Machine Data to Drive ERP Optimization

You asked for this integration and we have delivered it!

Synergy has invested in an automation platform to create proven workflows to send data between MachineMetrics and Infor VISUAL.
Join Synergy and MachineMetrics May 20, 2021 at 12 -1 pm ET for a free webinar to learn more about the benefits of MachineMetrics and the integration!
Some of they key benefits for VISUAL users:
  • The integration automatically creates jobs in MachineMetrics from VISUAL work order operations
  • Workflows also transform production data captured by MachineMetrics back to VISUAL as Labor Tickets
  • Capture machine run times, quantity completed, and quantity deviated by work order operation multiple times per day
  • Ensure more accurate scheduling and costing by getting valuable MachineMetrics data in VISUAL automatically
  • Synergy configures the automation workflows and monitors the data processing between systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
have the ability to tie together a variety of business processes and enable the flow and sharing of data between the processes. Yet, many ERP implementations are often disconnected from the real-time nature of what’s happening on the factory floor, relying on manual data entry, which is not only reactive but is often time-consuming and highly prone to inaccuracy.

Extending the reach of ERP to the shop floor is essential to stay competitive, and providing and retrieving accurate data with the shop floor is critical component of this. By combining the power of real-time machine health and production data with an ERP system can enable manufacturers to take even greater control of their plant floor, machines, and business process automation, driving them closer to realizing the promise of Industry 4.0. easier said than done!

Enter: MachineMetrics. Their easy-to-use and flexible machine data platform collects and analyzes data from any piece of manufacturing equipment to deliver powerful, actionable insights for factory workers in a matter of minutes. Their platform can connect plant floor production data into any ERP environment so users can automate business processes like production data collection, setup/changeover recording, and cycle-time analytics, extending control to the plant edge for real-time analytics and decision-making.

Together, MachineMetrics and Synergy can unlock the full potential of the digital factory by connecting factory floor data with ERP to drive business and process automation that eliminates unreliable, error-prone manual processes and delivers dramatic results to your bottom line.

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