Drill Down Into Fully Integrated Financials

Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials allows you to accurately and quickly address all of your manufacturing accounting needs. In today’s economic environment, when costs can be volatile, it provides real time Actual (FIFO) based, average, and standard costing without requiring time consuming data entry or inquiries.

icon Know Your Costs

Know Your Costs

No matter what you do, you need real time and accurate Actual, Standard, and/or Average costing data to make decisions about pricing (estimating/quoting) and have visibility into the profit or loss of each part/product line.

icon Know Your Cash Flow

Know Your Cash Flow

View your actual cash flow or predict future cash flows based on actual trends and/or forecasts using the online real time capability of Cash Management.

icon Easy Financial Reporting

Easy Financial Reporting

Compare financial results between months, quarters, and/or years and easily modify the report to show only the timeframes you want. This drastically reduces the time it takes to close your month or year with drill down to the source transaction and beyond.

A complete financial management suite.
icon Multi-Site, Entity, & Currency Support

Multi-Site, Entity, & Currency Support

View business transactions across multiple business entities and sites from a single vantage point and access consolidated financial data and reports at any level of the organization.

icon Financial Accounting & Budgeting

Financial Accounting & Budgeting

Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials’ capabilities promote faster, more accurate real time transactions and help your managers throughout the company to be more productive.

icon Simulate Product Plans

Simulate Product Plans

This unique visibility provides the flexibility to adjust your processes quickly and easily, which results in improved operational performance and increased profitability.

icon Time, Attendance, & Payroll

Time, Attendance, & Payroll

Infor ERP VISUAL Time & Attendance integrates with our Infor VISUAL Payroll or any third party like ADP, Ceridien, or Paychex, so you can perform tasks quickly and accurately.

icon Project Accounting & Earned Value Management

Project Accounting & Earned Value Management

Our solution makes it easy to accurately report earned values and assess project risk. With powerful tracking and reporting features, including DD250 & 1443 reporting, you can manage material and inventory, monitor cash flow, compute overhead, and accumulate labor, all by project or contract. Project Management enables your company to effectively control the complete project lifecycle and ensure on-time product delivery.

icon Security & Governance

Security & Governance

Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials meets and exceeds GAAP and IFRS standards, while providing the security and governance needed for any SMB organization whether private or public.

What Our Customers Say About Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials
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I can instantly tell whether we’re making or losing money on an assembly or job. This enables us to evaluate the labor and material costs of each assembly and take corrective action, if necessary.

Chris Tillotson, General Manager
American Products, Inc.
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We use it to estimate and quote, place orders, and engineer those orders. It enables us to push orders through the factory quickly to get our product manufactured and out the door. It also helps us with accounts receivable and accounts payable, as well as general ledger and every other accounting process in our company. Productivity has increased tremendously.

Jon Shurtliff, IT Director
3form Inc
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This is the first time that we’ve been able to dig into the data and see our gross profit by product line. The visibility into all of our subsidiaries is incredible from a corporate view. We’re very excited.

Jill Burns, Operation Controller
ICx Technologies
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Companies use Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials in North America

A comprehensive financial solution.

General Ledger

The General Ledger features in Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials offer companies the control necessary to manage all financial accounting information. The system allows users to define a natural account segment and up to five additional segments, which provides complete flexibility when configuring account structures.

Account Receivable & Account Payable Control

Accounts Receivable Control in Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials provides tools for companies to manage their customer relationships effectively. You can generate Accounts Receivable invoices from unbilled customer shipments in a batch or individually. Supporting multi-entity environments, the system separates related-party transactions from discrete customer transactions and maintains customers that are also suppliers and customers with multiple banking addresses.

Account Payable Control in Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials provides you with complete visibility of the entire purchase lifecycle, workflow, automated alerts, and three-way matching. It ensures cost accuracy and enforces accounting safeguards. You’ll benefit from online or automated three-way matching, ACH/Positive Pay, Payment Scheduling, Recurring Payments, and A/P Inquiry Dashboards.

Reporting & Analysis

Tax regulations and accounting practices today vary from country to country far more than manufacturing methods do. Infor VISUAL ERP Integrated Financials helps you to define your reporting structure and organize financial information in a variety of formats specific to your reporting and analysis needs.

Designed for your industry.
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Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace, defense, space and security (A&D) industries are major contributors to our economy. They thrive if supported by scalable, industry specific applications. Synergy Resources’ applications and modules aid scientific and engineering talent in cutting-edge A&D industries. Synergy Resources helps you meet your goals faster-even while confronting escalating costs and market complexity.
Learn More
  • Engineering with CAD integration
  • Engineering change control
  • Specifications and data "flow down" for ITAR, DFAR, etc.
  • Actual job costing
  • Project Management with Earned Value Management and milestone reporting
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Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

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  • End-to-end customer relationship, sales, purchasing, performance, and financial management
  • Estimating with multiple quantity breaks
  • Integrated capacity planning (Lean, TOC, JIT) with unlimited "what-if" scenarios
  • Material planning with real-time visibility of demand and supply
  • Cost control (actual, average, standard)
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Electronics & High-Tech

Electronics & High-Tech

As a high tech or electronic manufacturer, you need control over component and finished goods inventory at the revision and tracking number level to efficiently and effectively service customers. Infor VISUAL ERP delivers the supply chain visibility to meet these demands and also offers comprehensive material and capacity planning functionality, which maximizes productivity.
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  • Alternate item on bill of materials (BOM)
  • Item cross reference (supplier and manufacturer)
  • Approved vendors and manufacturer lists
  • Supply chain visibility with Web based portals
  • Reference designators
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Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

As a manufacturer in the specialty vehicle industry, such as boats or emergency vehicles, you need a solution that can quickly respond to unique product configurations and accurately budget and manage actual costs associated with these jobs or projects. Infor ERP is it!
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  • Configuration management
  • Serial and lot control
  • Design and engineering
  • Capacity planning & scheduling (Lean, TOC, JIT)
  • Actual costing