The subscription provides UNLIMITED access at any time to the complete VISUAL Purchasing Cycle for 60 days.

We provide the following modes of use:

  • See It: Will Play the Topic in its entirety
  • Try It: Allows the user to participate, by guiding them through the task
  • Know It: Allows the user to test their skills and gives a grade out of 100%
  • Do It: Presents the user with a window to reference in the Live application
  • Print It: Provides a printable PDF of the Topic to the user

Single Cycle:  One User – Two Months – $1,000 USD

At the end of 60 days if you would like to continue your subscription, we’ll apply your $1,000 investment towards an All Cycles, five users, twelve months renewal subscription.

This provides a continued learning platform, additional Online Learning Cycles, and you don’t lose your initial investment!