How PFM is Revolutionizing Shop Floor Scheduling
Integrate with your existing ERP Protected Flow Manufacturing™ is a revolutionary approach to Shop Floor Scheduling and Material Planning Software.  Rather than trying to create the ideal…
Dynamic Production Method
Evolve beyond Scheduling and move into Flow with these three principles: Pragmatic Planning - Anticipate variability for when “stuff happens” and build in time protection. Proper Pacing…
Protected Flow Manufacturing: Time is Money
Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) can help your shop confidently answer: Where is my Order? How is it progressing? How are all my jobs tracking? Which job should…
Keep Supply and Demand in Sync
Adding DDMRP to the power of PFM brings unique benefits to companies that manufacture finished products, subassemblies, or components to stock. Download Brochure
Protected Flow Manufacturing with DDMRP
Adding DDMRP to PFM ensures that you always have enough inventory - finished goods, subassemblies, and purchased items – but never too much. Download Brochure
Protected Flow Concept Whitepaper
In taking a combination of actual and forecasted demand, cascading it through multiple levels of    bills of material, netting exploded demand against existing inventory and planned…
Protected Flow and LillyWorks Whitepaper
A recent Mint Jutras report introduced a new concept developed by MRP pioneer Richard T. (Dick) Lilly and his new company, LillyWorks. The concept, called Protected Flow…
Protected Flow Manufacturing: The Right Shop Floor Visibility
Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) is a revolutionary production management system that helps you drastically improve the flow of information and materials and increase the speed of execution…
Protected Flow Manufacturing Enterprise
Protected Flow Manufacturing™ Enterprise (PFM Enterprise) seamlessly combines advanced production planning and execution with a powerful, cloud-based ERP to help you improve shop floor operations, make informed…
Move Beyond Traditional Production Scheduling in Manufacturing
High-mix manufacturing environments have struggled for decades with production scheduling. Production leaders have gone from whiteboards and Excel spreadsheets to ERP and MRP software and back again.…